Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
19 Daring-Do for a Daring Dude
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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
Author :Seshata
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19 Daring-Do for a Daring Dude

I ride my high all through the next hour while Chief Tarabu himself teaches me the Martial Arts Skills Punch, Kick, and Block.

He explains that normally, he'd send me to a beginner instructor in the village, but since I'm so naturally gifted, he feels that would be a waste.

Guys, I might cry.

I'm calling it now:

The Natural = Best. Title. Ever.

In Japanese lore, tengu are master martial artists, and Tarabu lives up to the hype. According to legend, Buddhists were willing to stray from the Path of Enlightenment to learn the secret powers of the tengu, kind of like the Western idea of selling your soul for fame and fortune.

As I get my ass kicked by this old grandpa, I kinda see the allure. During our sparring sessions, he shows me moves I'd never even imagined possible, and I want to learn them all immediately. I'm grateful for the MMA classes; the experience helps me truly grasp the movements Tarabu's demonstrating, the muscles and motions behind each punch, kick, and arm block.

His technique is strongly influenced by karate, though several moves are distinct and probably tengu-specific: I've never heard of any other martial arts school teaching you how to use your wings as counterbalances during flying kicks.

While sparring, I can feel the difference my new, improved stats make. I'm still nowhere near the levels I'd reached during the beta, but my body control is significantly better.

Barely ten minutes after I've officially acquired the beginner Martial Arts Skills, I manage to reach over 90% skill proficiency enough times to upgrade all three to Intermediate.

[Punch (Intermediate): For when you'd prefer to smash something with your fist. Basic closed hand strikes deal +20 Damage. System-recognized combos of 3+ strikes increase subsequent Punch Damage by 3%, up to +26. Critical Strikes on opponent's vitals deal between +30-45 Damage.]

[Kick (Intermediate): For when you need to shove your foot up someone's... Basic leg strikes deal +25 Damage. System-recognized combos of 3+ strikes increase subsequent Kick Damage by 3%, up to +36. Flying kicks deal +30-35 Damage and induce Knock-Down effect. Critical Strikes on opponent's vitals deal between +35-50 Damage.]

[Block (Intermediate): For when you aren't in a masochist mood. Blocks 50-100% of Damage taken from weaponless physical attacks.]

One thing I love about Viren's Refuge is that you have the total freedom to use whichever schools of martial arts techniques you want, and as long as you have acquired the base skills, you'll deal real damage. You can always learn special skills, too, obviously.

Chief Tarabu claps me on the shoulder and congratulates me on a job well done. "Never have I had a pupil as quick and eager to learn as you, young Erebus."

"You don't say," I say, preening like a peacock. I resist the urge to brush my shoulder off like some kind of cocky bastard.

Then I remember I absolute am a cocky bastard, so I brush off both.

"You have ignited my fighting spirit!" Tarabu exclaims. "When you reach your limit with these initial skills, would you like to return and inherit my greatest treasure: the secret jutsu of the Raven Wing sect? I believe it would complement your instinctive style well."

[Quest Query: Will you accept the Village Chief's quest {Become a Raven Wing Sect Disciple}?]
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I 180 my 'tude so fast, my smirk gets whiplash.

"Thank you, O Gracious Village Chief. It would be my honor to train as your disciple."

I feel the need to bow, so I do.

It goes poorly, and I look stupid.

[Quest {Become a Raven Wing Sect Disciple} Activated!]

[Note: To embark on this quest, you must MAX skills Punch, Kick, Block, Stab, and Dodge. Quest impossible until Foundation Villages reappear. (Event initiated once first player reaches Realm Two.)]

"Wonderful! Now, are you ready to accept our village's Quest of Daring?"

I nod and make a fist. "Been ready for ages."

[Quest {Daring-Do for a Daring Dude!} Activated!]

"The Quest of Daring will give you opportunities to use those skills repeatedly and obtain experience. Since you're in Foundation Village, if you complete your quest while using those skills at least 50 times each, you will be rewarded with base attribute improvements, like those provided by the Foundation Skills Quests.

Furthermore, if you find a weapon during this quest, you will also acquire the basic skills required to use the weapon. Feel free to experiment with more advanced techniques, if you dare!"

Boo-yah, my dudes! Foundation Village is my freaking FAVE.

Thinking back to the rewards that player Polemos snagged for showing up in Realm One...well, they kinda sucked. At least, in comparison to all the sweetness that is the reward system of this beginner instance.

It's like the game's favoring the players who suck every last drop of the rich Experience Milk from the gracious teat that is Foundation Village.

"I'll be off then! Thanks for the sparring lesson," I say.

Tarabu opens his mouth to reply, and hiccupy sobs instead. "You've grown so fast," he chokes out.

Oh no, not again. I start edging away before the Chief can kill my buzz with a bout of inappropriate crying.

"I am so—*hic*—proud of you, Great Hero!" he says, with a sniffle.

"Mhmm," I say.

"Once you've completed your—*hiccup*—quest, please join my family for dinner before you leave to test your might in the—*hic*—Conquest of the Realms."

"Will do," I promise, waving as I take off running.

"Don't you want—*hic*—directions?" he yells after me.

"Nope!" I yell back.

Sure, instructions on the actual quest would have been nice, but I can make do, given the givens.

I swear that NPC's broken. I should report it to the devs, but it feels rude, somehow, to tattle on the overly-emotional Tarabu. He didn't ask for buggy code.

And really, I don't need the directions to find the beginning of the quest. I just head to the only forest path I haven't explored.

It's extra dark and gloomy, the trees are all gnarly and twisted, and low, bass-heavy music starts playing the second I step foot on the path.

Gee, I wonder where the Quest of Daring starts?


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