Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
79 Sighs are Nightfury“s Love Language
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Humanity Online: World Sanctuary
Author :Seshata
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79 Sighs are Nightfury“s Love Language

|[ VIDEO ]|

Five minutes in, the video shifts to a new room in the dungeon, and it's clear the Chaos Party has already made short work of the mobs within.

Most of the Party seems eager to move on to the next stage, but Erebus is holding them up. He's zipping around the room, throwing his dart at every random flag and hanging tapestry, just in case one of them is programmed to fall like the bear/warrior mini-boss.

"Give it up already," Nightfury grumbles. "That last hidden mini-boss was due to that weird wood chimes effect. You're not going to force anything to happen with that damn dart."

Erebus just gives him a flat look, then while staring Nightfury straight in the eyes, he throws the dart behind him at the tapestry high above his head.

It misses spectacularly.

The dart seems to purposefully veer away from the tapestry, in fact, and explodes a wall sconce. The torch hanging from the sconce flies over to a bookshelf full of dusty tomes, which immediately catches on fire.

Nightfury's draconian eyes widen in alarm, but before he can yell at Erebus, that special [Secret Revealed!] sound effect rings through the air, and the burning bookshelf crumbles away, revealing a hidden tunnel!

The video then shows a close-up of what viewers are already starting to think of as Erebus's Trademark Smirk.

The D'Raven strikes a pose, clearly telling the world he missed on purpose. Obviously, the entire "throwing the dart at tapestries" build-up was a stunt to add suspense, and Erebus definitely knew what he was doing the entire time.

What a Party Leader!

Erebus winks at his Draegkyn pal, and the video zooms in on Nightfury's return sigh.

"I hate you," Nightfury deadpans.

Erebus turns and speaks conspiratorially to the "camera," even though that's not actually how the recording system works. "Hate is Nightfury's love language," he reveals.

He bounds over to Nightfury and tugs down his...'faded red'...hat.

"Love you, too, boo!"

Then he bows and gestures for Nightfury to lead the way into the open tunnel.

"[BLEEP]," Nightfury replies.

The world loves their playful banter.


As the Party travels through the pitch black hidden tunnel, Erebus reveals yet another trick that breaks the viewers.

Most Players have already learned the importance of Lux, since many Dungeons do not have consistent sources of light. But average Parties require every Player using Lux at all times to light up even a tiny portion of their surroundings.

Erebus's Lux somehow lights up several meters in every direction?!

What's more, he's capable of changing the Lux color?!

He filters through a few options before settling on a dark blue hazy light that, in his words, "gives the right vibe for that 'creepy tunnel ambiance'."

Kara is impressed by his Lux ability, but viewers are more impressed that it takes her only seconds of Erebus explaining for her to be able to match his skills. She weaves a deep violet Lux into Erebus's midnight blue.

Unfortunately, their combined Lux spells do perhaps too good a job creating a creepy vibe. Every time spiders and rats scuttle towards them, the Party startles and jumps before killing the low-EXP mobs.

When a white glowing spectre flies in from the ceiling of the tunnel, everyone's on edge enough that they jump back into a horrified huddle reminiscent of the Scooby Doo Gang.

Poor Nanuk screams.

In shadow cat form, Taliesin rubs against his brother's side like a large housecat comforting its human.

Nanuk looks marginally better for a moment before a thought even more terrifying than ghosts enters his brain. He grips Taliesin's shoulder. "You'll edit that out right?"

Taliesin shifts back to human and gives his brother a comforting pat. "Of course. No one ever needs to know."

Nanuk lets out a relieved sigh. Without looking, Taliesin reaches out with a fist. Erebus bumps it with his own. The two share identical evil grins.

The spectral shape takes form as a tall, regal ghost woman with long hair and a long, flowy dress that constantly waves, even though there is no wind in the tunnel.


[WOMAN IN WHITE - Once Queen of Hermitage Castle]

[Level 40 - HP 500,000/500,000]

The Chaos Party looks even more alarmed to discover this Hidden Boss is more than they bargained for. But while most parties would simply run from such overwhelming odds, the same cannot be said for the Chaos Party.

Erebus winds up what looks to be an amazing Sword Skill, bright light surging around his silver-white blade...

...but before he can release the attack, Taliesin grabs his arm and jumps in front of the Party, waving and pleading for them to spare the ghost queen.

"Kid, you're killing me," Erebus says, exasperated at Taliesin.

(Viewers are quick to note, however, that he does cancel the skill immediately.)

"But she looks soooo sad!" Taliesin replies, lips wobbling like he might cry himself. "We need to help her!"

"We need to kill her before she eats our souls," Nanuk grumbles.

Ignoring his brother, Taliesin bestows his most pleading expression on Erebus. The D'Raven rolls his eyes and bonks the Pu`ca on the head, but gives in nonetheless.

Nightfury sighs.

Nanuk mumbles about impending doom.

Kara hides a fond smile behind her hand and moves over to Taliesin. "You have that D'Raven wrapped, don't you?" she whispers.

Taliesin grins back. "And you don't?"

With a laugh, the Valkyrie throws an arm around the Pu`ca's shoulders and together, they go to face a Lvl 40 Hidden Boss.


The video doesn't show what they do to convince the Woman in White not to kill them, and viewers can't hear anything the party says to one another as they go on what appears to be an epic mystery quest on behalf of the Hidden Boss.

Erebus and Kara change up the Lux lighting here and there as they run all around the dungeon, and Taliesin overlays cool music over the video as it cuts from scene to scene in a true montage.

The only real sounds we hear of the entire adventure are the repeated sighs of Nightfury that seem to coincide with decisions made by Erebus, though it's impossible to say for sure.

At one point, Erebus tosses Nightfury up onto a high balcony, convinced there's a clue up there. He doesn't warn Nightfury he's before he throws him, but of course, he doesn't need to. Their beautiful teamwork leads to communication akin to telepathy; who needs words, when you have a comrade who understands you so well?

The camera does zoom in to show Nightfury's extra-long sigh as he flies through the air to the balcony above. (As if he doesn't LOVE it! Ha!)

For some reason, Nightfury seems even more annoyed when there is, in fact, a clue on the balcony, but viewers assume they're misreading his expression, since we can't hear what he's saying.

The montage ends with the Woman in White's horrible wailing face morphing into a calm, beautiful smile as she clutches something (blurred out, looks vaguely humanoid?) to her chest. Then a blinding flash of light as the Hidden Boss disappears and the [Congratulations!] appears in the air.



longjohnsilver: @6:06 I was scratching my balls during this part, and when the terrifying ghost chick swooped in outta nowhere I almost ripped my dick off

--- Bowjob: condolences

Oh Ur Dead: all y'all thinking erebus did that shiz on purpose are nuts. no way that wasn't pure dumb coincidence

--- Shadeslayer: oh yeah? let's see you "pure coincidence" a backwards throw with an exploding dart that leads to a Hidden Boss lair. HA

Kvasir: I love how Erebus completely ignores the fact that he missed his target by a mile and just *Shall we move along, then?*

---PeterGriffin: I always ignore my mistakes it's why my kids hate me

DoratheDestroya: this is less a hidden boss fight and more a Nightfury Sighs Compilation

brokenmegane: i relate to Nightfury bc i too am an antisocial mess constantly being dragged into dumb shit by an extroverted friend

--- F3AR R3APER: "friend," really? please. exasperated but fond sighs are an introvert's true love language. #eury4ever

--- SoullessButHappy: clearly you missed the once-again Perfect Coordination between #karebus, and even their child Taliesin knows Erebus is WEAK for his Valkyrie

--- Xxxena: all these shippers sailing away, andi 'm just treading water over here like "uhhhhh is no one else talking about the fact these bastards ended up triggering MULTIPLE HIDDEN BOSSES?!?!"

Rahotep: @Nanuk super manly scream there, bruh

--- Nanuk: I HAVE BEEN BETRAYED. (>﹏<)

--- Taliesin: but it was funny tho

--- Erebus: but it was funny tho

--- Lialas: did you two just type the exact same comment at the exact same time?

--- Taliesin: *gif of the fist bump*

--- Erebus: *gif of the fist bump*

--- Nanuk: You need to stop hanging out together immediately.

--- SummerHugs: Taliesin and Erebus's friendship gives me life.

--- SummerHugs: *gif of the head bonk*

--- kittkatt: @6:03 that spell must have a crazy long cooldown given how long the starting animation takes, but he just *cancels immediately* without even asking why when taliesin gives him those puppy dog eyes

--- Odin'sEyeball: i'm old and cynical and my heart is a shriveled husk...but this friendship is so damn pure i think i feel the fucker beating again

--- Taliesin: ♥ ily bro

--- Erebus: ♥ ily bro


--- Taliesin: ♥ ily biological sibling

---Erebus: ♥ ily bro's big bro


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