Invincible Canadian Futa Goddess Cultivator
13 Grand Demon“s Duel: A Chat with an Emporer.
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Invincible Canadian Futa Goddess Cultivator
Author :l_nimbus
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13 Grand Demon“s Duel: A Chat with an Emporer.

"His holiness, Emperor Yakati Hon Ling, Radiant of The Dawn, The Peacekeeper, Divine Sword of the Empire, A thousand years of eternal life to him, is negotiating a peace treaty with a foreign diplomat. However, by his orders, you may enter. Your slave will stand beside the door, unsullying the Emperor with her lowly presence."

Steff scowled at the short woman, but nodded and was waved through.

The Emperor's quarters, were, of course, opulent in the extreme. Big, soapy bath out on an open balcony a giant bed visible through open doors to the side and, of course, a throne. Currently occupied by a skinny old man.

Being sucked off.

By an elf.

Who looked really important, if the silk and the golden circlet were anything to go by. She had long white hair, pointy ears. a figure any model or porn star would KILL for, and her grace was apparent even as she performed fellatio for the emperor.

Steff stood there in silence for a few minutes, ignoring the knocking sound coming from the leg of her armour, and just watched. She had to admit, the elves' fellatio skills were top notch.

She and Tara stood near the door, watching. For some reason, Steff couldn't tear her eyes off the sight, something drawing her towards the two. Shrugging, she just leaned against the wall and watched a pro in action.

It took a while, but finally, the two were done. The 'Emperor' leaned back with a sigh, flopping into his throne bonelessly. the elvish woman stood with a single graceful movement. cast a haughty look at the two of them, a considerable feat considering she had cum all over her face, and glided away. moving towards the rooms in the back.

they stood for a few more moments before the old man noticed the two of them, and beckoned Steff forward. Acting on a suspicion, she addressed the man in English as she neared him.

"Damn, where can i rent me one of those?"

Instead of looking surprised or uncomprehending, he grinned at her, exposing gaps in his teeth while covering himself. He replied to her in fluent English.

"Kekeke. Nowhere. Reserved for my personal use. You wouldn't want her, anyway, far too demanding."

"Sooo, been wanting to ask this since yesterday. You from Earth?"

"Good, good. Right to the point. Yes, i'm from Earth. Two years now, same as you. Name's Yakati."

Steff relaxed slightly, grinning.

"How did you get here, and how the hell did you end up as the Emperor?"

He fiddled with something, then pulled up a pipe and lit himself something. He took a few puffs, sending up a cloud of sweet scented smoke into the air.

"Two years, I wager it was the exact same time as you. As for my story, it is pretty straightforward. The previous Emperor was attempting a Ritual Of Ascension, when something big happened. No idea what, but it had everyone with their panties in a bunch. I popped outta nowhere, taking the Emperor's place, and you got sucked here. A few other people too. Well, they couldn't just admit their Emperor had fucked up, so they made up some bullshit about how he's spent a few years in the Heavenly Realms, then came back to advise them further. Pure Bullshit, but everyone bought it. What choice did they have? If anyone talked against the story, they'd be executed, along with their entire families."

"So, what are you then, a figurehead?"

"Yup. A valuable one though. At first, I was just a puppet. Saying what shit they wanted me to. Then, I started putting my skills to use, and i eventually got to the point where i've been using them to keep peace between countries. Right now, we're in a deadlock. I can't do anything, with them wielding the real power here, and they can't get rid of me, because I keep six different countries from joining their enemies."


The old man grinned, looking immensely satisfied with himself.

"Why, my dick, of course."

Steff was speechless for a minute, before she started laughing. She all but roared out her amusement, ready to roll on the floor. Noticing the old man wasn't joking, she calmed down, somehow managing a straight face.

"And how did you do that?"

"Well, remember one of the basics of this world? About using Sol? You've figured it out by now."

"Yeah. The more you interact with elements, the stronger they are."

"Well, it's not just elements...."

Realization hit Steff, and she grinned in disbelief.

"No way."

Cackling, he took another drag of his pipe.

"Yes way. I was the most perverted fucker in the entire world. Walking into a laundromat and leaving with twenty panties? Nothing to a man of my caliber. So when i got here, my dreams became reality. My power is Lust." He gestured downwards. "One suck, and they realize they've been missing out all their lives. They can't get enough of it."

"So, you've been mantaining peace. By convincing queens to suck you off? Fuck, can we switch positions?"

"Not a chance in hell. I might not have any power myself, but i get more head than every man in the Empire, put together. You're not getting in on this sweet deal. Your power level is not high enough, young padawan."

"Okay, you just butchered those references."

"Who cares?"

They both had a laugh over that, Steff relaxing even more around the old man. He was honest, and easy going.

"So, why did you call me here?"

His expression grew serious, putting away his pipe and leaning back.

"I hate this society. I was raised as a good person, and this world disgusts me. No, to be more precise, this Empire. This entire society revolves around two things. Slavery, and keeping the weak in their place. I want to change that."

"Tell me more."

"On my own, i have little to no power. Yes, i'm too valuable to remove, but i can't do jack shit. You, however, are a force to be reckoned with. You blatantly outpower almost every cultivator in the city, even that boy with his cheats. With you on my side, the noble houses will have to tread very carefully. You may not realize it, but your display yesterday scared them. You have the same level of power as a Dao Ascendant cultivator, and there are precious few of those in the entire Empire. After yesterday, you had them in a panic. Expect every sect in the city and beyond to offer you memberships, even begging you to join them once this is over. If you don't they'll go after people close to you to coerce you. You might be out of their reach, but the people around you aren't."

"And you suggest what?"

"If you win the tournament. I will make you an Imperial Scion. It, while not often used, is a viable reward. This gives you Imperial status, and makes all your slaves Imperial Property. Even the most powerful houses will be given pause when faced with that. You get protection, actual access to helpful manuals, not the bullshit they peddle on the streets or secret away in their sects, and the ability to start changing stuff."

"What do you get from it? You seem to be comfortable."

"I seem to be, but i'm not. While getting sucked off by the hottest women in the world and every week is amazing in itself, I, as I said before, hate this society. I want to change it. What i get out our deal is the means to do that, and, for once, the ability to sleep at night, knowing i have the power to help, and am actually using it."

"Fair enough. I agree."
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"Good, good. I've watched you for the last two years, Steffany, don't make me regret this."

They chatted for some time, discussing current politics, various factions and the future. The old man was sharp, with a scintillating wit at times, and he was welcome company. Steff hadn't spoken English in forever with another person, and welcomed the conversation. Yakati had been a mangaka back home, writing ero comics, when he wasn't trolling people online. He smashed all her expectations about stereotypes, giving her thoughtful and insightful advice, discussions on politics back home, and even movies.

They passed nearly an hour, stopping after the elvish woman came out of the back, gave them a glance. said something to Yakati, and stepped through a glowing portal that appeared before her.

"Who the hell is she?"

"Unvara Q'lakatos. High Queen of the Elvish race. She's crazy."


"No. Just... still fucking crazy. High Elves can get prissy about discipline, but no one in their entire race can hold a candle to Unvara."

Steff wiggled her eyebrows at him, and he leaned back a grimace in her face.

"She had a daughter with a Dark Elf, never liked the lass. A few weeks ago, something happened, and she went off the deep end. Really far off."

"Come on, don't leave me hanging"

He sighed, rubbing his eyes.

"She enslaved her own daughter, and is offering her as the prize of the tournament. Three years of being a slave is to be her punishment for god knows what she did."

"Say WHAT?"

"You heard me the first time."

"Okay, this world is fucked up."

"Agreed, Steffany. Agreed."


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