Mark of London
22 A Delightful Finish
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Mark of London
Author :gusdefrog
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22 A Delightful Finish

They did not emerge again that day, except once to take a bath. Elizabeth had thought, that after living with Mark for over a week, she'd become accustomed to sex. But her enthusiastic husband revealed that he'd been holding back. When she accused him of this, sometime in the late afternoon, exhausted and sweaty, lying naked beneath his wandering hands, he laughed with delight and kissed her nose lightly.

"My love," he teased her, "you've still only had a taste of it, there is much more we can try."

Elizabeth regarded her husband wryly. "Not all tonight?" she begged him plaintively.

"Not all tonight," he assured her with a wide grin.

Eventually they slept for the night.

--- --- --- --- ---

Elizabeth Anne End

--- --- --- --- ---

This is more like an extra long author's note and teaser. After much consideration I had decided to keep the light novel length. But then, this novel was blessed by an instance of Great Luck and won a featured spot (by being the only entry hahaha, this can only be called luck) and so, instead I'll post Mark's story here, as the second volume of Elizabeth's story.

I feel that I must warn you that though I hope the flavor of the ending is a warm one, there are Delicate Subjects ahead. If you found the story so far on the Edgy side, you may certainly stop here at the end of Elizabeth's story with the traditional Happy Ending.

I thank you for reading this far! The story I'm currently writing is set about 250 years ahead of this one and is already more than thrice the length and is planned to be at least thrice that again: Data Dragon Danika

I might not have published this occasionally Explicit tale here without the Encouragement and Interest of hansora, who is currently writing a present day Romance called: Spring Blooms when I'm with You

The novel that brought me to WebNovel looking for a translation for my sister to read: The King's Avatar.

The only finished WebNovel I've already read clear through yet: The Absolute Phoenix King

The best of what I'm currently reading: Cultivation Chat Group, System Programmer, Number One Dungeon Supplier, The Union

A few of many interesting works in progress: Clockwork Revenant, A Hero Returns, Mr. System I Love You, Beastly

There are so many stories here, Luck in Your many Adventures.


Our story will continue in the third Mark of London:

--- --- --- --- ---

Marques Mark

--- --- --- --- ---

Ever After: or an Informing Continuation of our story, in which a Child is Lost, a Parent visits a Child, a Child returns Home briefly, and Life goes on, in the end Happily.

Our tale is set in Regency England, a land of innovations and inequality, in a time of rules, freedoms, and war.


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