Miss Sales Manager
59 Beautiful time with my beautiful wife
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Miss Sales Manager
Author :Aishwaryav
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59 Beautiful time with my beautiful wife

Tina and Fred left by train to InterLaken. The journey was most scenic. The route was filled with lush green mountains and crystal water lakes making them feel as if they were in a fairy tale. The journey felt quiet refreshing and rejuvenating. Tina's eyes were twinkling with each change of scene, and the beauty continued to last. The route went through mountains.

Their spirits lifted, as they approached Interlaken, it became dark. They got down and took a cab. They reached the hotel they booked.They were just in time for their dinner. They ate to their heart's content and retired to their room. They both cuddled and slept soon

Morning came, Tina was still tossing in the bed. Fred made coffee and woke her up. They both sat in the balcony and had their coffee.

Interlaken is a traditional resort town in central Switzerland. Built on a narrow stretch of valley, between the emerald-coloured waters of Lake Thun and Lake Brienz, it has old timber houses and parkland on either side of the Aare River. It is a very charming and beautiful place. Tina was taking in every scenery and trying to imprint all of it in her heart. The charm of this place was too much to resist.

Fred looked at her and said, ' I planned a lot , hope you are up to adventures..' she looked at him and said,' adventures?' he said, ' yes.. today is packed with adventurous activities.. tomorrow will be a day of relaxation...' he said and winked..

Tina soon got dressed, she was wearing jeans and a t- shirt. Fred was also dressed casually. They both had a good breakfast and started walking..Fred was making a call..he said, ' Tina, I hope you are not scared of Para gliding..' she looked at him and said, ' what? Para gliding.. I never did it .. I thought you planned hiking ...para gliding? no ..no way. ..' he looked at her and smiled and said, ' Tina, we must experience things in life..I promise it is the safest.. I booked it with the best agency..don't worry.. trust me..' she gulped and said, ' Fred, I .. never..' he said, ' it's first time for me too.. don't worry..' she took a deep breath and said, ' alright! let's do it .!' he said, ' yes! that's my Tina!' soon a car stopped by. A man with lean and athletic build came out and greeted Fred. His name was Rick. He would be their pilot. All got into the car and left.

Tina and Fred were given safety instructions. They were dressed with all the safety gear. They were wearing jackets and helmets given by the agency. Rick told them not to panic and told them that this would be a lifetime experience for them. Soon the activity started and in no time, they were up in the air.

Tina felt a surreal experience. She felt overwhelmed with all the beauty around her. The Swiss Alps were majestic, and the emerald and sapphire waters of the two lakes bordered the town beautifully. Everything soon became tiny and she felt like a small bird freely flying in the wind. The huge mountains turned into a beautiful landscape as she floated above them. They were at 1350 meters above sea level. Rick kept asking her how she felt and he was telling her about the landscape below. But Tina felt lost in the beauty surrounding her. Being close to nature made her feel emotional. It was as if mother nature was holding her in a warm embrace.

Fred was flying with another pilot, he was just few meters away from her. They saw each other and smiled. This was definitely an experience to cherish! She didn't want this to end, she felt as if God was watching over her. She felt her soul stir with happiness. The nature around her made her feel pure. The beautiful greenery, the pristine waters, the low valleys , all these sights were too beautiful. She was very scared initially, but all fear was gone now.. nothing could go wrong.. mother nature was holding her..she was the dearest daughter of mother nature.

Suddenly Tina felt that how insignificant they were in comparison to the majestic nature around them..she soon felt one with the world...one with the wind..one with water.. one with life..one with the force of nature..as this feeling washed over her, she enjoyed herself even more..she truly felt like a part of everything..

Rick said, ' ok, ready to land in fifteen minutes!' Tina said, ' no, please some more..' he laughed and said,' oh dear.. you will never get enough of it..the weather is turning, we should land soon, before it rains..' she said, ' but, I want more..' Rick said, ' don't worry, there is more..look over there..' he pointed towards a mountain and started saying something. But Tina didn't pay attention, she wanted to enjoy the last moments of Para gliding..she wanted to see as much as she could..she said, ' Rick, can you click a picture?' he said,' yes ofcourse, and he reached towards the camera which he fastend to the glider and clicked a picture. He clicked beautiful pictures of Tina as she felt one with nature. Her beauty was even more bewitching now. Rick called over Fred and said, ' she is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, cherish her..!' Fred smiled and said, ' ofcourse, but stay away from her!' both laughed..

Tina sighed and said, ' Rick,you are really lucky ! to do this everyday..' he laughed out loud and said,' yes I am!'


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