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Author :kaandeeban
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Aldeberan said his general to prepare for the final war. He ordered his general to inform it to the 3 kids. On hearing this information, the heroes thought that the people are behind them. So they did not attend their schools and they were thinking a lot about this war.

Then they said, "We must save this world".

So it was the day before the final war, Aldeberan arranged his forces in the war field. Pollux secretly spied Aldeberan by reaching his empire building with his invisibility power. While spying he found a secret down stairs. He reached down and found that there was a room which could be only opened by the three sons of Cetasus. Pollux opened it and found that there was a drawer. He opened it and found a book, "my last letter to my sons – written by Cetasus". He glanced over the book and found that Aldeberan can only be defeated by Pollux by using his universal power sword. Pollux glanced a lot but he can't find the method to unlock the universal power sword. He took that book and reached his home. He was waiting for the next day i.e. the day of final war.

Place: war field

The day of final war

The three heroes reached the war field and found that there were 2 waves , one were 5000 soldiers and another were 2000 evil planes. Aldeberan was standing at the last and waiting for them.

Pollux, Regules and Arcturus turned into super heroes and said, "For mankind….".

They started the war and within 15 minutes they defeated the wave one. They had the book, "my last letter to my sons" for reference. While they were fighting the wave two, Aldeberan arranged a machine called the evil beam. Pollux referred the book and found that the evil beam is a weapon which would turn the homo garganes into evil monsters and it can be disengaged only when Aldeberan dies.

So they defeated the wave two and at last there was only one guy and he is Aldeberan. Aldeberan initiated the evil beam and the cloud turns into fiery red and every homo garganes turned into a monster. They tried to defeat Aldeberan but they flew into three directions. Now Aldeberan was trying to reach Pollux to take the power watch. Immediately Regules and Arcturus tried to find the way to unlock the power sword. It was very dark so that they used their light and found that open page no. 47 to find the way to unlock the power sword. They threw the book to Pollux and said him to open page no: 47. He opened that page and found that power sword lies in the pyramid shaped button in the power watch. He pressed the button and immediately a sound came, "power sword activated". Immediately a star from the skies hits Pollux and when it clears Pollux was standing with the power sword. Aldeberan was terrified but he didn't lose his faith. He fought with Pollux and first Pollux couldn't tolerate Aldeberan. Then Pollux hit the leg of Aldeberan and pierced the sword in the head of Aldeberan. The evil planet burst into pieces and every evils vanished. Every people turned from monsters into humans. Then the three heroes were warm welcomed by the people.

At last, their guardians found that Pollux, Regules and Arcturus were the three heroes.

Pollux, Regules and Arcturus said, "even if you are not my dad and mom, you have given us shelter, food and much more. So will I be your real son?".

The guardians said, "Absolutely".

Now Pollux, Regules and Arcturus were the three kings of the space but they said to their general, "we need to finish our studies, so you have to watch the world for some years but don't think that you can be as you can?".

General said, "yes, sir".

They went to their schools and finished their studies. After that, they finished their degrees and took the positions as the lords of the earth.

At last, Pollux married his lover Cassiopeia and they were very happy.

---------- THE END----------


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