Pet King
1471 Lean and Thin
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Pet King
Author :Jie Po
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1471 Lean and Thin

Snowy was actually a little nervous when she came to the aquarium by herself since she was in an unfamiliar foreign country, and she had never traveled alone before this. Although that wasn't true this time around, at least she left the country alone and relied on her broken English. Though, it was often necessary for her to make awkward gestures so that the other party can understand what they mean.

From the beginning of the live broadcast where she stammered a lot when talking, she appeared more composed in front of the camera. However, she was abroad and heard various accents around her. Plus, everyone spoke quickly. She became nervous again since what they said was difficult for her to understand but began live broadcasting after mentally preparing herself.

She promised she would broadcast live while traveling abroad, and her fans were very eager to watch it, so she can't let them up. Because of this, she also rejected the proposal of going out with her mother so she wouldn't have been so nervous.

Fortunately, Zhang Zian's unique personality helped her overcome it when he suddenly appeared. The surprise of a familiar face in a foreign country suddenly relieved her tension.

However, fans didn't agree with that.

"I think I should call the police, I can't believe the stalking shop manager actually came to the United States!"

"911, there's an emergency here!"

"Gross, don't put your big face so close! I can see the nose hair coming out of your nostrils!"

"Listen to yourself... Now that I actually went back and looked at it again, it looks really gross!"

"Hey, you guys have a unique taste. Do you really love Mr. Store Manager?"

Fans especially looked forward to Snowy's first live broadcast abroad, waiting for the broadcast to air at the scheduled time. There were many online people, and the barrage of messages was even heavier.

When Zhang Zian called and waited, Snowy remained relaxed but wasn't idle. She took her mobile phone and walked around the front of the aquarium while interacting with fans.

She introduced some features of the Monterey Aquarium to the fans, filming Chinese and foreign tourists who brought their families to visit. Some cheerful tourists approached the camera and greeted themselves as well.

When Zhou Jing came out of the aquarium, Snowy looked at her curiously and found that she was really thin. Although her mother always thought that Snowy was too thin, she felt that she was too fat compared to Zhang Zian.

Snowy visually estimated Zhou Jing's height to be about 1.7 meters. Despite being considered a tall girl, Snowy estimated that she might've weighed at least 40 kg based on the measurements of her arms and legs, but couldn't have exceeded 45 kg.

The sun shone on Zhou Jing's face, making her complexion look pale.

Zhang Zian also noticed that Zhou Jing's face looked unwell.

When he and Zhou Jing met on the street two days ago, Zhou Jing wore loose thermal sportswear since San Francisco was very cold in the morning and evening and she was too thin to not catch a cold during her morning run. At that time, he couldn't tell whether she was fat or thin. He thought she was just normal.

However, today, Zhou Jing changed into a tight-fitting diving suit and it accurately outlined the outline of the body; probably the smallest diving suit for an adult woman. To him, she seemed too thin and nearly lost all her feminine beauty.

"Sorry to interrupt you! I contacted you earlier today and didn't know if you were busy. If you are busy, I can come again some other day," he said humbly.

"It's okay," Zhou Jing waved her hand, "I'm not going to... enter the water today. Come with me."

Despite what she said about not going into the water, he found out that her hair was still wet as if she had just come out of water.

Zhang Zian assumed that she was hiding something. The expression between her brows was mixed with anxiety and anger as if she might've erupted at any time.

However, he didn't know her, why she was acting this way, or how to comfort her. If he said some empty rhetoric, it might've made her feel worse.

He braced his head and pretended not to see it. Pointing to where Snowy stood at the side about ten meters away, he said, "I have a friend over there, is it convenient...?"

"No problem, go ahead and meet up with them." Zhou Jing agreed quickly.

"Okay, I'll call her."

Zhang Zian trotted a few steps, ran to Snowy, and whispered, "I met this girl by chance when I came to San Francisco. Since she works in this aquarium playing the role of a mermaid, she can take us into the aquarium. If you're interested in a backstage visit to the staff area ... "

"Huh? I don't mind, but wouldn't I be bothering them?"

Snowy was intrigued. For her fans, it wasn't interesting at all to walk around the aquarium like ordinary photographers. If someone captured the daily working conditions of the aquarium staff and the operation mode of the aquarium, then the quality of her broadcast's content would've greatly increased.

Besides, it was even better to have acquaintances visit together. At the very least, she would remain calm and not panic if she ran into any trouble.

"It should be okay. As long as we don't run around or do something we shouldn't do, it won't matter as long as w don't affect their work," Zhang Zian actually didn't know if bringing her in was fine, but this was an opportunity he couldn't afford to have missed. The general principle was that they couldn't cause trouble for Zhou Jing. Other aquariums had their trade secrets. This was a commercial aquarium, not a public facility.

Snowy nodded and whispered excitedly to report this unexpected good news to the fans.

Zhang Zian brought Snowy over and introduced her to Zhou Jing.

Snowy was also very humble. After introducing herself, she did not wait for Zhou Jing to introduce herself in return but proactively ensured that if there was something that shouldn't do, she would never do it randomly.

Zhou Jing was very generous and said with a smile, "You think too much. I'm just a minimum-wage worker in the aquarium. There's nothing you can't shoot in the places where I can go, and I can't go where you can't shoot either."

That was the truth.

As they were both frank with each other, they soon felt comfortable enough to chat. Snowy also asked Zhou Jing to say a few words to the fans in front of the camera.

Most of the fans' comments sent persuaded Zhou Jing to eat more. Even the girls who were most keen on body shape thought that she was too thin and even worried that she might have anorexia, given that many girls were trying hard to lose weight. They often went on a crazy diet and even used extreme methods such as vomiting. The fat is eventually reduced, but there were some troublesome and terrible consequences such as anorexia.

Snowy saw the barrage of messages but was hesitant to mention it. Asking someone who she just met about her weight was perhaps a little too much and would've caused them to feel annoyed and displeased.

After entering the aquarium, Zhou Jing led them into the employee-only channel instead of the normal tour route, telling the guard that they were here for an interview. She then quietly turned back to them and winked.


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