Re:Altered Fate
10 Real Name
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Re:Altered Fate
Author :AzureSky024
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10 Real Name

'I live for myself...'

Kai still remembers those words she wanted to say to him. It was quite a hypocrite for her to care other people when they are going to die.

Unfortunately, she lives for herself. What's the use of living if all the persons that are important to her die?

In the end, it will all be meaningless especially her life. That's why she decided to save them even if it will be meaningless.

"Hey, Kai! Are you dozing again?" Luckily, she always dozes off in the past as she has missed her 'home'. She looks at Nicole with a wry smile, confirming her guess.

"So you aren't listening..." She shifts her gaze to Giovanni, leaking a killing intent.

Apparently, Nicole holds a grudge against Giovanni after that incident.

"Kai, look at our dissatisfied fiances! Especially Giovanni! He still has the pride to face you?" Nicole said in a playful face.

"What dissatisfied? Your fiance is only dissatisfied because you won't call by his name. While mine... it's no longer dissatisfied of me, instead, he's interested of me" Kai looks at two noblemen in front of her then stares at her fiance. She was only lucky that she herself and him had already formed a contract. If ever he likes her, the engagement will be annulled immediately whether he wants it or not.

"Kai! Why are you saying?! They are jerks!" Tears left from Nicole's eyes. When it comes to trouble, Kai is always there to stop her. That's why when Nicole is making troubles, people make sure to find Kai to stop her. Only her and Nicole's family is able to stop the troublemaking Nicole.

Nicole hugged Kai's arm with all her might, pleading to let her ruin him for humiliating her. "Kai! He's a bad guy! A bad guy!"

Kai patted Nicole's head and smiled, "Nicole, how is he a bad guy?"

"He... humiliated me..." she staggered.

"How so?"

"I... he... uh..."

"You acted without thinking rationally of why he is dissatisfied of me. You don't know why he is dissatisfied of me but that makes you so vulnerable that anyone can attack you so easily. Without me, you won't escape big troubles and let yourself die, Nicole"

Kai hits Nicole's weakness mercilessly. Because of her, Kai is always full of hands of explaining things and at the same time lecturing Nicole. She needs some time to be alone and rest.

"You two look like a mother scolding a daughter instead of a couple flirting"

Kai switches her gaze to Giovanni as she slightly tilted her head. Giovanni sighs, "I don't know but, you had this matured aura around you. I always wondered if you're older than me"

The lower the rank of a noble, the lower the knowledge and experiences they have. This was a common knowledge that all nobles know.

Those who are nouveau riche (new nobles) are important but at the same time cannot be compared to the quantity and quality of experience of what the vieux riche (old nobles) have.

This especially applied to the young people like her.

The younger you are, the more inexperienced you are. Especially if you are a nouveau riche. That person cannot have a high-quality education like the vieux riche have.

Kai just smiled at Giovanni, treating it as a joke. Her gaze transferred to the boy next to him, a commoner named Keith.


Keith, "No. Just surprised"

Nicole, Lucas, and Giovanni widen their eyes in surprise as they focused on him. A smirk appeared in Giovanni's lips. He was right to choose him.

"Well, that makes the group has four weird people with one normal person" Kai clasped her hand with joy.

Nicole, "Who's weird?"

"Me, you, Lucas and Keith. The only normal person is Giovanni"


Speechless. They were all speechless. To think she also included the second prince... she has great bravery.

Lucas coughed to remove the awkward atmosphere produced by Kai and made a mental note. Never let Kai control the situation.

Unfortunately, Kai spoke first before him. "Keith, what do the commoners sees us?"

"Sees you... Lady Kai as 'Calm and Carefree', Lady Nicole as 'Hot-Blooded and Boyish Lady', his highness as 'Smiling Demon' and Sir Giovanni as 'Cool and Cold'. That's all"


Smiling Demon...

Giovanni and Kai stared at Lucas with a sly smile on their lips. Meanwhile, Nicole is trying to hold back her laughter.

Keith observes the group in front of him. They were much different than what he thought. Even though these two couples are engaged to one another, with Nicole's wrath, he thought that this two does not get along and are enemies to one another.

Keith noticed Kai shifted her gaze at him. As the other two teases Lucas, she was left out.

With her character, she will never take action on teasing someone.

"As you can see, we are not what you thought. That's why keep it as a secret, Jayden Lynx Cadmus"

Keith looks at Kai as she whispers the words and called him with a different name.

She knows. His real name.


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