The Devil’s love
259 Relation
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The Devil’s love
Author :Sofia05
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259 Relation

Ning nodded her head and answered, "Yes she did but I didn't know it was Angella until a few ago. She called herself Ruby and—"

Cutting her off, Roger sighed, "I am sorry if she caused any trouble and I had no idea what was going on until everyone told me. This whole revelation has been a huge shock for me and I am still having a really hard time getting over it."

"I know it's tough for you, this is why I made this smoothie for you," she answered.

Taking a sip of it, Roger sighed in satisfaction, "It's always so refreshing and still tastes the same."

As both of them were enjoying their drink, Yichan entered the mansion. He couldn't help but squint his eyes when he saw Roger happily talking to his wife. Though Roger was his friend and he knew that nothing could happen between the two of them because Ning was his and no one could take her away from him, he still couldn't help but feel jealous.

When Ning saw Yichan, she quickly placed the glass down and smiled at him before walking towards him. "You are here." Taking his coat and bag, she added, "You both should talk, I'll carry on with my cooking." Giving him a peck on his cheeks, she whispered, "Stay calm and I love you."

"Hmm, I really needed to know that," he answered before kissing the top of her head.

Seeing their live PDA, Roger couldn't help but roll his eyes not because he still had feelings for Ning or anything like that. Yes, he did like her in the past but after various events, he was already over the liking phase. Ning and Yichan's PDA made him realize how helplessly single he is.

After Ning left, Yichan approached Roger. "You wanna go to the garden and talk?"

Without saying anything, he nodded his head and followed Yichan to the garden.



Keeping quiet for quite some time, Roger took a deep breath, "After I left the hospital that day, I didn't go home. I isolated myself in a secret place for a few years. To be honest, I was trying to run away from the truth because I didn't have the courage to face everything. I was angry, frustrated, sad and above everything I felt extremely guilty. I didn't want to but the guilt that I felt as a big brother forced me to blame everyone, especially you for everything that had happened. So I started planning these stupid plans aginst eceryone to make mysekf feel a little better and guilty free."

"I know, you didn't want to harm us but you did go a bit overboard with Yifei," Yichan added.

"That wasn;t the initial plan, the men whom I had sent went overboard but they got the punishment that they deserve." Pausing for a while, Roger continued, "I have done many bad things to you guys even though I never intended to harm anyone but still, I am at fault. I don't expect anyone to forgive me because I don't deserve it. I will be flying back next week, everything has been arranged and don't worry about my father or Angella, I'll handle it. I just wanted to apologize to you and everyone for what I have done."

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yichan inquired, "And what will happen after that? Do you expect your father to tell you everything and also apologize to you for deceiving and using you as a pawn?" Turning towards him, he explained, "This is much more complicated than you think Roger, your father is up to something and we can find that only if we work together. You can't always run away from things like this. That day, you ran away from the hospital, kept yourself away from everyone for years and this chaos happened. Don't repeat the same mistake again, you have to man up and solve this thing."

"Why are you still doing this? Why are you trying to encourage and boost my confidence again? Don't you hate me for whatever I did?" It was really hard for him to believe that Yichan was trying to pep talk him again like he used to do in the past. After everything that had happened, he had expected him to disdain him but nothing of that sort was happening.

Placing his hand on Rogers shoulder, Yichan smiled, "Because that is what friends do, we are supposed to encourage and show you the right path not watch you take the wrong path all over again. And sure I hate you, we hate you for not talking things out and giving us a chance to explain ourselves. We hate you for not giving us an opportunity to share your sorrow and burden but everything is in the past now."

Pausing for a while, he added, "Ning and I also had a very bitter past but look at us now, we are the happiest couple in the whole world. I don't about you Roger but you have always been a friend and you will always be one no matter how stinky and assy your behaviour is. And it's not just me, I am sure the other boys feel the same too."

Giving him a hug, Roger choked, "Will you tell others if I cry?"

Patting his back, he chuckled, "I won't and I can give you a lollipop if you want?"

Pulling away, he scrunched his brows, "I knew you would say that."

"Well, some habits never change." Patting Roger's shoulder, he said, "I think you need to apologize to Yifei and Hannah, they are the ones who have been through a lot."

"Yeah I had plans of visiting them tomorrow," Roger sighed.

"Since we are over all of this, there is something important I want to ask you."

"What is it?" Roger inquired.

Keeping quiet for quite some time, Yichan asked, "How is your family related to the Jiang family?"

"Jiang family as in Jiang Corporation?" When Yichan nodded his head, Roger answered, "The Jiang family is my paternal family."

Scrunching his brows, Yichan inquired, "How are you guys exactly related?"

"Hmm I don't know much about it but my grandpa and the current head of the Jiang family are brothers," Roger answered.



This month has been really tough for me, I felt very burnt out and was also down with a cold and cough for a few days. I feel a little better today so I decided to write a couple of chapters.

I hope you all will understand, I'll update more next month and compensate for the loss :)

With love,

Sofia ♥



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