The Emperor's System
44 The honest Cur
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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44 The honest Cur

Nick was itching to buy some of the things in the miscellaneous section but decided against it upon seeing the ridiculous prices on them, a flat-screen tv was as expensive as a transcendence level weapons, selling for 1000 domineering points!

So, one could say that it wasn't that Nick decided against it, but that he didn't have the points to pull it off.

Nick felt all his excitement wash away after the full inspection, and he felt slightly drowsy, so laying down beside the kids, Nick slept peacefully.

Two days later, in a desert, there sat a group of men, they seemed to be bored since most of them were either yawning, laying down or playing with pebbles.

"Leader, why don't we go back to the city gates, our business was great there, all we had to do was stay by the gates and wait for a suitable merchant to leave the city before we intercept them and offer our services!!"

"But here, look, nobody passes by the dessert, when will we even find a target to help, let alone a rich target?!" One person complained to his Leader, this man sat there with his upper body bare and his lower region covered with what seemed to be thin cloth to combat the searing heat.

And in front of this man was the person referred to as Leader, this man was also bare-chested but didn't seem like it due to his incredibly hairy chest, the person just ignored his subordinate because this kind of complaint usually came at least once a day and he had long gotten used to it by now.

Their Leader's name was Curt, he was a famous charity worker known throughout the villages for his mellow demeanor, he never took anything by force and only took things given to him after helping people out.

He was just so kind and gentle that people just couldn't help giving him things, like this one time that he met this really rich Merchant, the merchant traveled on a carriage filled with chests of Spirit stones.

Curt quickly noticed that the carriage seemed to be struggling with the heavy load of the chests and couldn't stand the thought of the carriage breaking down in the middle of nowhere on the poor Merchant.

So he hurriedly asked the carriage driver to pull over, but the carriage driver didn't seem to hear him as the speed of the carriage increased instead, seeing this Curt immediately figured out that the driver was deaf and couldn't hear his suggestions.

But Curt didn't worry, no, he was experienced in giving a helping hand to these kinds of deaf carriage drivers.

Immediately unsheathing his sword he made a non-threatening gesture making sure that the driver could see it, he pointed his sword at his own neck and made a cutting gesture.

Now, any random drunk on the street could tell you that this meant 'cut it out' or 'stop what you're doing' so obviously the carriage drivers would understand his message swiftly.

As for the other meaning behind this gesture, Curt felt that people should be able to understand each other's hearts, and so the driver should understand his true meaning and the sincerity behind his actions.

And he was right since the driver pulled over not a minute later.

Curt also pulled the reins on his horse as he slowly trotted over to the carriage, he gave the carriage a once over which affirmed his previous diagnosis.

He didn't even glance at the driver as he jumped down from his horse, and gave the reins to one of his men, before hopping into the carriage.

The merchant was shocked at first but kept staring at Curts sheathed sword in a nervous manner, of course, Curt understood the Merchants feelings, he probably wanted to look at his superb sword but was too embarrassed to ask.

And Curt being a nice guy immediately removed it from his waist and put it on his lap in order for the merchant to take a more meticulous look at the sword.

The Merchant seemed to have seen the most beautiful thing in his life since he immediately began trembling from excitement and even shed tears of joy.

While the Merchant was in a 'happy mood', Curt offered to carry all chests for him and in return, all he needed were the things in the chests, this way Curt would gain something and the Merchant could feel the satisfaction of traveling light.

Then seemingly thrilled by his offer the Merchant immediately accepted and even helped his men unload some of those chests.

Seeing the Merchant work hard Curt felt he should be a little more understanding and stop the old Merchant from carrying any more chests, what if the old man broke his back helping his men, he wouldn't be able to sleep all day if that happened and would have to sleep at night instead.

So Curt hurriedly stopped the Merchant from unloading any more boxes and told him he didn't have to trouble himself and that they would just take the carriage as well and even though it would be a hassle to carry around one more carriage, Curt felt it was his civic duty to do such a thing.

Curt still remembered his dad's last words before he passed away, he had told Curt to help those in need, to never steal, and to marry any girl that was willing to accept him since Curt was the ugliest thing he had ever created, shit included.

Angry at his dad's insults he slapped him, killing him instantly, but Curt still kept his dad's last words at heart and will continue to do so till his last days.

Anyway, while he was busy helping people, some evil person notified the authorities and framed him for robbery.

And so, upon seeing soldiers marching into his territory looking to arrest him for a crime he was wrongfully accused of, his heart broke and he didn't even fight as he took his men and left, but this wasn't him giving up, no!! He will persist and thrive to help as many people as he can in this life!

"Boss, what is that?!!" One of Curt's subordinate jumped up and pointed at the sky.

Curt woke up from his daydreaming and looked into the direction he saw his subordinate pointing towards.

Soon they could make it out clearly, it was a giant beast, but this would have discouraged them if it wasn't for the large saddle like device strapped on the beast, indicating that this was the mount of some cultivator.

"Sir, should we really be atta...cough help the person riding on the mount, what if he turns out to be some kind of expert?!!" The one that previously complained about not having any work spoke up his doubts.

"Don't worry, usually the people that rent beasts like those are the kind of people that can't fly, or are too slow and need the aid of flying beasts, making them Origin realm expert at best."

"As for the beast, you all know that those rented beasts are trained never to attack humans unless the beasts themselves face a life and death situation, which means the beast won't attack unless we attack it!!"

"And if you all thought about it deeply, you would notice that only those lazy, rich people equip their beasts with saddles, sacrificing their beast's speed for comfort."

Curt said all that in one breath as if he was a mastermind in control of the situation, and nothing could escape his eyes.

"Wow, only Leader can think about all this, we were just too dumb and scared to think things thoroughly as Leader does!!" One of the subordinates did bootlicking until his tongue became numb.

Curt didn't have time to accept their praises as he ordered, "Bring me my majestic Wind racing horse!!"

And soon left on his mount.

Nick was getting kind of bored on Silver's back, he had already equipped Silver with a high-quality saddle he bought from the system, this saddle had beds welded onto it and it came with refreshments, guaranteeing comfort, and it only cost twenty domineering points.

And the best thing about all this was that the saddle was equipped with an anti-gravity device making it practically weightless on Silver's back, not affecting its speed at all.

Nick was chewing on a grape as he looked down to the ground, in hopes of finding some beast brawling to ease his boredom.

That's when he saw a bare-chested hairy man flying up towards his direction, sitting on a 'majestic' Wind racing horse.

The Wind racing horse was also capable of flight and was the ideal mount to most lone travelers, each Wind racing horse was different since they were breed differently and fed different things.

So the purer the breed, the better they looked and performed, and one could see from the fact that the one in front of Nick looked like a donkey with wings that it wasn't of high quality.

Curt flew up, and flew into silver's way, he knew that those rented beasts would never attack someone just because they were in the way.

Silver was confused, it looked at itself in puzzlement, did it get weaker, did it lose its fear factor for just any random person riding on a mule to dare to stand in its way, but the more it looked the more it grew puzzled.

However finally a simple explanation surface in its head, it wasn't that it was not scary but that people these days were just too dumb!


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