The Emperor's System
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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66 Loyalty!

Ding! Hidden mission, attack an Emperor whose cultivation is higher than yours, accomplished!

Reward-The Godly Emperor armor set(1/10)-The Gauntlets!!

Nick had never expected to receive a reward for doing absolutely nothing, but that's exactly what happened! Maybe the system made a mistake, or maybe the system just wanted to reward him for being an upstanding guy, either way, Nick welcomed the reward.

"Brat! Do you actually think the system would make a mistake?!! The truth is you were super lucky this time! Why else do you think the Emperor is shitting his guts out right now if not because of that laxative you bought?!!"The Old geezer said scornfully.

Nick then shivered as he slowly turned his head to look at the miserable Emperor, was all that really his fault? Was it really because of him that an Emperor was taking a shit right in front of the city gates?

But then Nick shook his head, how could he do such a terrible thing? Even if one believed it was his fault that the Emperor took the laxative, that still wouldn't explain why the Emperor didn't choose to go to the toilet instead of doing it in public like the little pervert he was!

Also, how did the Emperor get his hands on the laxative? Was the driver somehow related to the Emperor? Maybe a eunuch? Yes, that would explain why the man kept kicking the beast in the balls, it must be because he was jealous! Surely, birds of a feather flock together, a pervert eunuch can only serve a perverted Emperor!

And if one established that the Emperor was a pervert, then doesn't that mean Nick had done heavens work and punished him, yes, that's it, he was a hero!!

Nick suddenly felt his blood pumping with excitement, when did he become such a hero? Why didn't anyone tell him before?


Nick now began to question whether the noise was really coming from a person? why did it sound like trumpets and drums were being beaten simultaneously?

"That's enough Peter, let's go! Who knows when the Emperor's rain of terror will end?"( Authors note: I swore to myself I would never do this but I've got to ask, did you guys get it? The rain of terror? Because the Emperor is still mid-air...)

Peter who was busy vomiting by the side of the carriage stumbled back to his driving position, what he saw today was just too graphic! First, he saw a person with three breasts, then he saw a person with one breast, and now he saw an Emperor defending the city from them by using his shit!

But just as Peter was about to drive the carriage away, an army of soldiers marched in unison and surrounded the entire area, refusing to let any person in or out before the Emperor finishes. Apparently they didn't want word of this to spread so they were going to cordon of the area until the Emperor decided what to do.

And so countless of commoners and cultivators were forced to stand there and watch as their fearsome Emperor went number two.

Although, among all the people there, the ones that were truly depressed were the naked people! They had dreamt of entering the city for most of their lives but they couldn't because of the sky-high entrance fee, but now that they found a loophole and could finally visit the majestic city, they were welcomed by a kinky Emperor?!!

Around this time Nick was closing every curtain in the carriage anxiously, why was he doing this? Because he heard something that terrified him!!

"Big bro Nick, this city sure is weird, some people go around naked, and others shit on the streets! Sigh, big bro Nick, should we start adapting and imitating the people of the city?" Dean asked curiously.

This was what terrified him! Seeing such a disgusting scene once was enough, he would not let this happen in his house! And why did the kids look slightly excited?!!

"Oh, no, your majesty!!!" One of the generals at the scene soon noticed how exhausted the Emperor was getting. The Emperor who had been shiting for hours now was swaying as if he was about to fall. Then finally, unable to handle the exhaustion, the Emperor fell!

"Damn it, Lieutenant General! Go grab the Emperor before he lands!" The General ordered.

"Damn it, Brigade General! Go grab the Emperor before he lands!" The Lieutenant general ordered.

"Damn it, Captain! Go grab the Emperor before he lands!" The Brigade general ordered.


"Damn it..." But before the Captain could finish deligating his work the Emperor crashed headfirst to the ground!

Silence! Everyone looked at the Captain mockingly, since he was the last one to receive the orders he would be the one to receive the punishment! No one wanted to touch the Emperor, so they all passed down orders, but since the Captain didn't yet do it, he would be the one that disobeyed orders and let the Emperor fall!

The Emperor weakly opened his eyes, but when he saw all the people staring at him, or more particularly his butt, he shut his eyes and pretended to be unconscious, today was the most humiliating, and painful day of his life.

"Fuck this!! Who in this world doesn't shit?!! No one, not even the ones at the Immortal Emperor realm stop shitting! Sure, the Emperor shouldn't have done it in public and so violently at that, but does that give any one of us the right to judge him!!!"

"You're right brother! The Emperor has always been a hero in my eyes and now that I know he still takes shit like any of us...I feel closer to him!"

"Let's go!! Let's carry our Emperor to the bathroom...I mean the palace!!"

Tears slipped down the Emperor's eyes, when was it that he last thought about the people, when was it that he felt such a sense of loyalty from someone? The Emperor had seen how his General behave earlier, none of them came to help their Emperor because they feared a little shit!

But the people that spoke just now, they were the ones that truly respected and loved him. The Emperor then firmly opened his eyes, but what greeted him was something hairy swinging side to side, the people that said all those words just now...were the naked invaders...

The Emperor then truly fell unconscious. The Generals who were negligent a moment ago were watching their miserable Emperor when they suddenly remembered how fierce and wrathful their Emperor would be when he regained his bearing!

Immediately terror flooded the hearts of the generals, they had to show their worth right now, in front of these people or they would never know how they died later on!

Firming their heart and gathering their battle will, the Generals all moved in unison and walked over to their Emperor. After chasing away the naked people that were intent in carrying the Emperor they each grabbed on of the Emperor's limbs and carried him away!

They couldn't let the Emperor be humiliated any further by letting him be carried by a group of naked invaders! But before they left they passed down orders to not let any of the people in the area leave, they didn't want this incident to be publicized before they were ready to deal with the consequences!

As for silencing the witnesses, that wasn't possible because they were all in Imperial city, and that would draw too much attention.

After they entered the palace the generals headed to the main hall, to sit the Emperor on his throne, as for what happened next, that was up to the maids and wives to deal with. They weren't going to undress the Emperor and sit him down on the toilet now were they?

But when they arrived in front of the throne they heard it again!


Frightened all of them let go of the Emperor simultaneously, causing him to crash face down onto the ground! But thankfully for them, the Emperor was already unconscious and was unable to hear or feel anything!

Yet, the General soon noticed that the sound wasn't coming from the Emperor.

Looking up towards the source of the noise they found the third prince sitting pants down on the throne, and with a look of satisfaction, he was unleashing the beast within him!

But this wasn't what was terrifying, the most terrifying part was when the third prince who was exhausted and thirsty beyond measure, gulping down the bottle of laxative beside him!!

Nick who was bored waiting was about to inspect his new gauntlet when Maggi interrupted him.

"Big bro Nick."


"Didn't you find today disgusting?"

"I did."

"Didn't this make you lose your appetite?"

"Hmm...sort of, why?" Nick was becoming more and more curious.

"Well, big bro Nick, you know that when you suffer, I suffer! So let me take away the remainder of this terrible memory for you!"


"The chocolate Big bro Nick, give me the chocolate and let me bear the pain of having to eat it!" Maggi sounded like a soldier that was dying for her country!

"Oh, thanks for that Maggi, you just helped me regain my appetite." As Nick said this he brought out a bar of chocolate and began eating away, without a care in the world.

"..." Maggi

"..." Dean

"..." Peter

"..." the Old geezer

"..." Chocolate bar



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