The Emperor's System
85 What about sleep?
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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85 What about sleep?

Closing the underground latch back up, Nick then took a short moment to organize his thoughts before walking back out of the tent.

"Do you have any orders General?!" The two guards in charge of guarding his tent saluted their General.

"No need, I'm just taking a short walk around the camp to make sure the area is secure." Nick waved his hands to put them at ease while walking deeper into the forest.

Nick then walked around the camp for a while as if at random, then slowly changed his path and began heading to the mine. It wasn't a long walk either since it only took him a minute or two to get there.

"Cheif Jared, we have managed to mine twenty kilograms more of the ore today. And following your report guidelines, we can still mine fifty more before we close the mine for replenishment!" A mine worker carrying a pickaxe in one hand and a scroll on the other was telling his boss the estimates of the day.

Chief Jarad, better known by the miners as Boss, was a muscular man standing bare-chested with his arms crossed, but contradictory to his physical appearance this man was a widely known genius and was currently the chief Excavator of this mine, he was in charge of estimating the quantity of Dark heavenly gold that can be excavated and when to shut the mine down.

"Hmm, good, everything is going according to our initial estimate! Make sure that the workers are well fed for the next few days, those are the most critical! If some tired worker messes up and causes a collapse that damages the heart, the consequences we will face will be unbearable!" Chief Jarad said as he looked through the scroll in his subordinate's hand.

"Ahh, General Kane, what brings you here?!" The Chief that was so composed and calm while speaking to his subordinate earlier now carried a fawning smile as he tried his best to sound welcoming.

In the entire Empire the people Jarad feared could be counted on one hand, and this man just happened to be one of them! General Kane, was famous for not giving a damn about authority and rules, and no matter who you are if you do manage to get on his bad side, then the man had no qualms in stabbing you on your butt!

"Oh just checking on your work, it seems to be going well! Can I have a word with you though Chief Jarad?" Nick said but had turned around and headed into the forest before the man could respond, obviously he didn't care if Jarad had other plans.

"No problem General! Also, please just call me Jarad, no need to add the Chief title." The flattering and weak tone was terribly mismatched with the man's physique, but Jarad didn't care, it was more important that his ass got out alive!

"Hmm." Nick simply made some noise to show acknowledgment, but he didn't stop or bother to turn around and just kept going deeper into the woods.

"General, can I ask what we need to talk about to actually come to the forest?" Jared was so nervous that he just couldn't help asking.

"Oh, I need some information from you, but it is information that shouldn't be heard by others. Well, I guess this is far enough!" Nick who had his head turned, walking nonstop suddenly stopped and directly faced Jared.

And as soon as the last word escaped Nick's mouth a shadowy figure appeared behind the Chief and grabbed him from behind. Then before Jarad could even scream he was knocked unconscious!

The shadowy figure was actually Nick's clone, he had created it earlier while he pretending to check the area. The clone has already used the Disguise skill to look like one of the famous actors back on earth.

Jarad woke up blurrily five minutes later, and he was surprised to find two men standing in front of him!

"General Kane! What is the meaning of this?!! And who is this?!!" Jarad began blaring out questions as soon as he got clear-headed.

"This is an abduction, I have abducted you. And this is a famous interrogator from a different Empire, the most feared torture expert in existence, Mr...................Bean!!!" Nick was planning on interrogating Jarad for some helpful information.


"Did you say, torture expert?! There is no need for that General, I will tell you anything you want to know?!"

"Let's see, what to tell you first, yes, I am an only child, I love my father and mother, I have a wife and a beautiful daughter! I help the poor on weekends, and I'm the sole breadwinner of my family! What else do you want to know?!"

Nick was momentarily struck dumb by all the useless information! Who asked him about his life story?! And why did it seem just a little too good to be true? It was as if he was pleading not to be killed by showing that a lot of people depended on him!

"Who asked you about all that?! I want to know how..." Nick hadn't even finished with his question when the shivering Jarad interrupted him.

"I know I know, you want to ask how I managed to take care of all these people alone?! How I was able to let all these people depend on me, and how a lot of people will starve on the weekends if I die, right? Well, let me tell you..." This time it was Nick's clone, 'Mr. Bean' that interrupted Jarad.

"Nobody gives a rat's ass about how you spend your free time!! Just answer the questions you are being asked!! And if you interrupt us one more time, the miners will find your body in the pieces!!" Mr.Bean was so intimidating!

"Good, now that that is cleared up, let me get down to the questions! How can we excavate a hundred and fifteen tons more of the ore from the mine before nightfall?!" To Nick this was the most important question, if he didn't get to finish things up quickly, then the longer things drag on the more uncertainty will crop up!

"Impossible! If that amount of the ore is extracted from the mine it will go extinct instantly! And besides, that quantity of Dark heavenly gold can not be extracted in just one night." When it came to his work Jarad seemed to have lost his sense of fear as he spoke his mind directly, showing his sense of professionalism!

Nick really respected the man for being able to remain professional during such a stressful situation!

"But if General Kane really needs it by tonight then you will need a beast to uproot the mine! And with all the metal and the heart combined it should reach the amount of three hundred tons!" Jarad who had said it was impossible just a moment ago was now giving Nick ideas on how to accomplish it!

Nick suddenly lost all the respect he had for Jarad. A man should be resolute and never waver after saying something! Things can be taken back but words couldn't after all! But if Jarad knew what Nick was thinking he would have spat on Nick's face!

How could a person be this shameless?! He had made his earlier statement resolutely but retracted once he saw Nick slowly carrying a dagger and walking behind him! What was this General famous for, of course, it was his butt stabbing craze! So how could he stay professional when he was about to be violated like that?!

Nick would swear that he wasn't going to do it though! It was all because he was disguised as the general that the man assumed the worst, he was actually going behind the man to stab him in the back! Nick was a backstabber, not a butt stabber!!!

After think for while to make a sound enough plan Nick had his clone take away the chief and keep him locked up in a cave until he was done with his mission here.

The camp was not quite even though it was the middle of the night, soldiers sat down in small groups as they drank some wine, miners who had finished for the day also sat in their own groups as they ate and laughed!

The scene was kind of heartwarming, and any ordinary person, who had the slightest bit of consciousness wouldn't disturb this brotherly scene!

"Fucking bastards!!! Look how fat you've gotten lately just sleeping and lazing around all day!! Miners, shouldn't you guys be buff and muscular to help with your work, why do most of you carry such large stomachs?! Are you perhaps helping your wives carry the child?!"

"And you soldiers! How do you plan on stoping an intruder or guarding this mine when you're drinking and giggling like idiots?!"

"I even saw some of you purposefully position your butts earlier to receive those arrows!! Shame on the whole lot of you!! Starting right now, every soldier and miner will begin a new exercising regiment!" Nick destroyed the lively atmosphere immediately, fuck harmony, was it more fun than chaos?!

"But General, we miner work all day, how can we also workout at night?! You are practically killing us here!!" A miner threw down his pickaxe and roared, causing his large belly to flap about furiously!

"Hmph, what do you know, idiot! If you workout you gain stamina, which means you can work more! So if you train hard tonight that means you can work extra hard tomorrow! And when you train extra hard tomorrow night, that means you can work extra, extra hard the next day, it's that simple really!"

Nick reasoned. It made perfect sense if the person listening was a twelve-year-old child!

"But what about sleep, sir?!" The miner was asking with desperation in his tone!

"He also needs to work out!" Nick said it as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"..." The soldiers were speechless.

"..." The miners were speechless.

"..." The strange fart that the miner released out of fear was speechless!


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