The Emperor's System
96 Sending the Emperor off!
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The Emperor's System
Author :Lazyfatmonk
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96 Sending the Emperor off!

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bom! Bom! Bom!

In front of the Palace gates, a majestic looking army stood, this army was not only incredibly large but also powerful since everyone in it radiated the aura of an Origin realm expert! And then there were the two large drums that were being carried by four people each, and on these drums stood two people banging away like crazy!

This drum was a war drum only brought out when the Emperor was leaving to deal with Invaders, so it usually stayed locked up somewhere collecting dust. But today was an exceptional day since today they were able to show off their might, the sound coming from the two drums was heard throughout the entire city!

But since this drum hadn't been used in a while there weren't really any people trained in beating them, so instead of using the war drums to raise morale and show power, the two drummers just enjoyed themselves instead as they beat the drum without a sense of rhythm annoying the hell out of everybody that heard it!

"People of Nova! I, as your faithful Emperor, am about to go to war with another Empire to protect out Empire's pride! Please don't mourn my death if it comes down to it! Just celebrate my life, and always remember me the way I truly was, selfless and caring!" The Emperor used his incredible cultivation level to boost his voice and spoke loudly to the entire city!

And as soon as he finished, roars and cries were heard throughout the city!

"Why can't you let us sleep?! Do you really need to beat the drums and yell so loudly in the middle of the night!!" An elderly man walked out of his house with his walking stick and began chastising the Emperor, seemingly unafraid of death! It is said that a man lacking sleep can't think straight and this elderly man proved that point.

"Yeah, we had just gotten our child to sleep and were finally about to get some alone time but the stupid drums woke up our child again!" Another two people seeming to be a couple, opened their window, and spoke out loudly with both their eyes blood shot!

"Hmph! What do you need alone time for?! One child has already exhausted you to this degree and you still want to bring on another calamity?" A nosy neighbor stuck his head out of his house and mocked the couple.

The Emperor felt awkward, he had made the announcement because he wanted everyone to think that he was about to ride to his death, and hoped that with this act of bravery he would win back the hearts of his people and his cheating wives! But alas, these stupid people were so selfish that they didn't hear a word he said and only thought he was up to disturb their sleep.

And just as the Emperor was at a loss he saw Nick running over with a paper in his hand, and before he could understand what was going on Nick handed him the paper and told him to read it before backing away slowly.

But even though he had no idea what Nick wanted him to read out, he was too anxious over the insults he was receiving from his people so he simply read it out loud.

"People of Nova, please here me for a second! This is a royal announcement so if any other fucker interrupts me again I swear on my throne that I will throw him into the torture pits!"

After the Emperor read this he swore inside, after the shitting incident, his closest adviser had told him to always be civil and to never threaten the people of the Empire because it might lead to a rebellion, he had even tolerated a man throwing an egg at him yesterday, but now, with this one paragraph, he had ruined it all! They didn't even have a torture pit!

And as he was listening and expecting scolding and cursing all he heard and saw was the people in the streets and those in their houses scrambling out and lining up orderly! And to add to his amazement he even saw the elderly with the walking stick earlier throwing it away as he ran to stand in inline!

Shocked he turned to Nick to ask what to do next, and Nick simply pointed at the paper as if telling him to continue reading.

"Now, invaders have come from the Lion Empire to steal out wealth! These people didn't rob from just me, no, they robbed us all! This is not just my Empire after all, but today even if I have to die trying I will bring the thief from that Empire and hang him publically in this city!!!" By now even the Emperor could feel his spirit rising.

"All hail Emperor Nova!" Nick roared out.

"All hail Emperor Nova!" The crowd also followed in excitement, when the Emperor told them they had been robbed they didn't what it was but they were still angry that it was stolen from them. And now that the Emperor promised them justice against the person that robbed their...whatever it was, they felt admiration towards him.

This was the first time the Emperor felt like he had regained his previous power ever since that shitting incident! So he cleared his throat and went on with his speech.

"Since I will be marching my army toward our enemies, I won't be here to lead and protect you all, which is why I've decided to entrust my most trusted friend Head chef lead in my place? Now a few words from Head chef Jack..." The Emperor was reading every word as if it was his bible when the last words stunned him.

It was fine to leave Nick in charge since he had truly helped him this time, but the people won't take a head chef seriously! And besides, he didn't particularly enjoy Nick righting himself down as a candidate to stand as the Emperor for the time being when there were so many royals still here capable of leading until his return!

"Cough, that was truly unexpected, I didn't know that I would be receiving such an honorary task leaving my room today, because if I had I would have dressed better for the occasion!" Nick stood out and began speaking to the lined-up crowd. He was speaking in the same way celebrities did when they accepted an award.

"Hahahaha" The crowd laughed, they enjoyed this light-hearted Chef that could joke around at such an occasion.

"You know as a child I had two dreams, one was to sing on stage with Beyonce, the other was serve my dear friend the Nova Empire with my life, and to accomplish one of my dreams while I am so young makes me sob...excuse me, I think I got a little emotional." Nick wiped off the tears in his eyes.

"Wow, what an honest young man, such a dependable fellow, I much rather have him lead than those stuck up royals!" The elderly man from earlier spoke to a young lady beside him.

"Shhh, shut up old man! The handsome chef hasn't stopped speaking yet!" The young lady scolded the man and continued to watch attentively.

"Oh how I wish I hadn't dropped my walking stick earlier, it would have fit nicely up your ass young lady!" The elderly man was unwilling to let others have the last word.

"Now I would like to thank a couple of people, first of I want to thank the people of Nova for accepting me, secondly I want to thank my family who supported me and showed me that anything was possible!"

"And lastly I want to thank the Emperor, who in my short stay at the palace has been like a father figure to me, and has shown me that no matter how many other people try to malign or tarnish your legacy, if you are true to yourself and stay honorable, you will always be the winner at the end!"

The Emperor felt so touched, why didn't he know he had such an influence on the young man?! Why didn't he know that he has become a father figure to the boy in his heart?! Who didn't like being praised, as soon as he heard Nick's heartwarming praise the Emperor lost all of the prejudice he had towards him!

If someone that respected him so much couldn't be left to take care of the Empire while he was away then no one else really can!


As soon as Nick was done with his speech the army began marching through the streets, and the drummers began beating the drums again, but one of them accidentally lost his grip on the drum stick and it went flying and struck one of the other soldiers in the face!

But not wanting to let such an embarrassing situation attract too much attention the soldiers just kept on marching, running over the unconscious soldier without hesitation!

Nick waved and waved and waved until he saw the army and the Emperor have left the city. And as soon as they did he began running back to the Palace in a hurry, there was so much to do and so little time!


"Yes, master?"

"Take the kids and stay in that rundown town we saw on our way to the city!"


"Don't but me! Time is of the essence right now! Go quickly!" Nick hurried him.

"But master..."

"I said go!" Nick was trying his best to make sure Peter couldn't speak. Of course, he knew that Peter wanted to ask him money for an inn, but he didn't want to give it so he was trying to make the man use his own money instead.

Peter soon left while vomiting blood in anger, while Nick did a little dance in happiness.

"Guards!" Nick called out.

"Yes, your majesty!" The guards all lined up to follow his orders.

Nick felt like he had an orgasm at that moment as he shivered in pleasure. One can only imagine the pleasure of being called 'Your majesty' by actual soldiers!

"Say it again! Say my name!" Nick said pervertedly.

"Your majesty!" The soldiers had seen and heard of this kind of situation too many times to be surprised by now, in fact, it was said that on the Emperor's first time being called 'Your majesty' he actually wet himself and drooled in a silly manner! The title was just like an aphrodisiac to men!

"Cough! Okay, you can stop now, and quickly inform the palace guards and staff that they are not to enter the main hall of the palace or they will be executed! The Emperor has left some secrets in there that he doesn't want anyone else to see!"

Nick didn't want to face that awkward situation that always happened in movies, where the person gets caught by the maid in the middle of a robbery and will face the dilemma of killing her or kidnapping her! And he finally decides not to kill her and will take her with him.

And as soon as they journey together their relationship becomes stronger and stronger until finally, she dies while taking a bullet for the thief and her last words being for him to become a better person! That was just too cliche for his taste.

"Now let's go and steal that throne, hehe!"

"What did you say, your majesty?" The other soldiers hadn't left yet and heard Nick saying something about a maid then stealing a throne which confused them.

"Huh?! What the fuck are all of you still doing here?! What I said was that I dare for anybody to steal the Emperor's throne, haha!" Nick lied with such a straight face that the soldiers simply left doubting themselves instead of him.


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