Transcending the Nine Heavens
1459 Lethal Poison!
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Transcending the Nine Heavens
Author :Fenglin Tianxia
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1459 Lethal Poison!

Rui Butong took in a sharp breath of air. "In that case, aren't they just left with the option of waiting for death?"

"Not necessarily," replied Mo Tianji with a smile. "If it were me, Diwu Qingrou, or even those outstanding talents from the Zhuge Clan inside, we would still have a way to resolve this crisis."

"In fact, we would have quite a few ways we can use to avoid a doomed situation… However, these are no solutions that they can think of currently. Therefore, to them who are inside right now, this scheme is impossible to resolve! They can only use their cultivation to resist death — And that's after they realize that they've been poisoned!"

With an impassive smile, he went on. "Of course… The ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist inside, Xiao Chenlei… probably won't die from just this. In fact, whether or not this is effective against him remains to be seen. Thus, we absolutely mustn't be careless…"

At this point, Chu Yang had already released all of his remaining stock and returned with a soundless and light gait. With a smile, he said, "Let's wait."

Mo Tianji chuckled. "What we have in abundance is patience."

All of them exchanged a smile.

There was a strange expression on Chu Yang's face as he said calmly, "More than a month has already passed since we left the Lan Clan and came here… I wonder how anxious Diwu Qingrou must be during this period of time."

Mo Tianji's expression also turned rather strange. Holding back laughter, he replied, "I'm sure… that Diwu Qingrou must be having a very rough time. Even if it were me, I would also find it very tough… Extremely so!"

"I'm afraid it's not just going to be a rough time but also extremely frustrating and perplexing, as well as very nervous and unable to advance nor retreat…" Chu Yang held his stomach as he convulsed with laughter. Mo Tianji also couldn't help but break into a huge grin at last.

At the side, Gu Duxing the Sword Supremacy, who lacked the mind intricacies of these two scheming conspirators, stared at them in total puzzlement and confusion. He had absolutely no idea what these two fellows who were more cunning than the other were laughing about?

On the other side, Luo Kedi's torrent of words gushed on like a rushing river as he threw insults with great enthusiasm.

The counter-attacks from the inside were still as intense as ever.

In this instant, the battle between Supreme Martial Artists had actually become no different from shrews shouting verbal abuse in the streets.

Inside the cave.

Ji Mo was so anxious that his mouth opened and closed while his tongue wagged non-stop, wishing beyond belief that he could also join the verbal fight. What a shame! This was such an exciting war of words, yet he actually couldn't take part, letting the dumbass Luo Kedi hog all the limelight instead. This was seriously… too frustrating.

If I were to go out, I would also be able to give the Xiao Clan members a few dog aunts no matter what...

Xiao Chenlei sat cross-legged in front of the dragon and phoenix bones, frowning in deep contemplation.

In front of him, the enormous golden dragon remains and gigantic colorful phoenix remains stood there quietly, entangled together. All the earth and rocks around the bones had already been cleared.

However, only the area underneath the bones couldn't be touched at all.

It seemed as if the dragon and phoenix bones had already merged with the entire ground. If one wished to move them, he would need to lift the entire Nine Heavens world for it to work.

A unique and fascinating energy stream caused even Xiao Chenlei, a ninth-grade Supreme Martial Artist, to be unable to budge the dragon and phoenix remains a single inch too! Not just that, even if he used all his strength, he was still unable to damage it!

This caused Xiao Chenlei to be frustrated to the max.

Ceaseless curses and insults flew past his ears, but Xiao Chenlei ignored them all.

The only solution now was to wait it out with the enemy.

And see who the first to lose their composure would be. The alternative would be him charging out or the other party charging in.

However, Xiao Chenlei was very confident — What did this even count as? He himself frequently went into seclusion that lasted dozens of years… Was this bunch of little fellows dreaming of using time tactics against him?

They couldn't be more naive than this.

Time went by minute after minute.

The other party still didn't charge in, but nevertheless, no one inside became anxious.

It was so safe inside after all…

Just as it reached afternoon, all of a sudden, a ninth-grade Martial Saint expert in the midst of hurling insults suddenly swayed back and forth. He muttered, "Strange, why do I feel somewhat dizzy?"

Someone at the side replied, "You must have overexerted yourself and shouted too much, resulting in oxygen deficiency in your brain."

The Martial Saint expert frowned and held his forehead with his hand. "Something's not quite right… My legs feel weak… and my eyes are out of focus. This is terri… ble… Even my tongue is…"

Before he even finished, he collapsed onto the ground with a crash!

His body spasmed and he kicked the ground a couple of times. Then, his eyes widened and he took his last breath and died.

The eyes of the first-grade Supreme Martial Artist next to him widened in shock. "Huh! What's going on? Why did he suddenly…"

He reached out his arm to check his breathing and then jumped back immediately, his eyes falling right out of their sockets. "F*ck! Why is he dead?"

He didn't notice, however, that with this widening of his eyes, his eyes didn't 'seem to fall out of their sockets'. Rather, they actually and directly 'fell out of their sockets'!

Dangling from the sockets just like that.

The man himself hadn't even realized. Turning around, he exclaimed, "Look, look… This bastard actually died just like that without any rhyme or reason…"

Everyone turned and looked back at him. The moment they saw how he looked, they gasped in unison.

"Y-you…" Another Supreme Martial Artist pointed at him. "You, you… Your eyes…"

The first Supreme Martial Artist was still yelling in disbelief. "How would I know what's going on… He was still talking to me normally just now…"

At this point, his mouth suddenly opened wide. With a hoarse voice, he asked, "Who's talking to me? Why can't I see anymore?"

After he said that, his tongue suddenly couldn't move as well.

He stood there in a daze for a while before he dropped onto his bottom. The moment he lowered his head, his head suddenly dropped off his neck and rolled onto the ground. His cervical spine on the inside had actually already decomposed.

All the Xiao Clan Supreme Martial Artists were thrown into an uproar at once.

"What's going on?" Unable to suppress the fear in his heart, a fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist shouted, "Don't panic! Damn it, what's going on? Even if he died… he can't possibly decompose this quickly… My f*cking god…"

"Exactly, exactly… This… Could this place be haunted?"

"What nonsense… Don't frighten us!"

"I… I don't feel so well either…"

At last, panic and fear reached an unprecedented height. With a loud shout, all of them dispersed in every direction. The moment they moved, some of them collapsed immediately while the legs of some of them suddenly started convulsing after running a couple of steps and they fell to the ground thereafter…

In just a short ten minutes, there were already 40 to 50 people who had collapsed and died.

This phenomenon made Xiao Chenlei, who had only just raised a cup of tea to his lips and taken a sip, choke on his tea, causing it to spray out of his nostrils. He was dumbfounded.

He suddenly thought of something very ridiculous — He had once gone out to play during his childhood days. At that time, he saw people mixing mud and earth and using the mixture to build houses. After the mud mixture was done, it was necessary to lay the mud bricks upright in rows on the ground to sun-dry. When they were laid to dry, he had walked over and kicked lightly at the bricks at the very end. The moment he did, the entire row of bricks fell over…

He suddenly exclaimed in shock, "Shadowless Poison! Invisible Poison! Hurry, hold your breath!"

But with simply this short delay, yet another 100 people had collapsed.

Xiao Chenlei held his breath and with a wave of his arm, he released a whirlwind. It spun wildly and sucked up all the corpses on the ground as well as the air in the entire space with his internal energy and sent them outside…

All these corpses… Who knew whether the poison would re-emanate from them? Only after that did he break into curses in alarm and fury. "These shameless and despicable rogues! If you're a man, then come and fight grandpa here face to face! Aren't you afraid of sullying the Nine Tribulations' reputation by playing these dirty tricks all the time!"

After throwing out all the corpses, there were actually only twenty-odd fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists, ten-odd sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists, five to six seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artists and one eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist remaining next to Xiao Chenlei!

Everyone else had actually… all died from unnatural causes!

Even the ones remaining sported expressions of fear. They circulated their energy repeatedly to check on their own bodies and looked at the others repeatedly to check whether they had been poisoned…

This was too horrifying!

This poison could actually destroy more than 100 experts, including Supreme Martial Artists, before anyone even realized?

Amidst their fear and alarm, a sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artist suddenly shouted, "All of you… all of you…"

Right away, weird expressions appeared one by one on the faces of those twenty-odd fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists. Their eyeballs gradually started to bulge from their sockets…

With this, everyone was truly frightened to tears.

Even people of cultivation as high as fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist weren't spared?

Someone let out a bellow full of despair. A fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist yelled with grief and indignation, "Since we're going to die anyway! Everyone, let's charge outside to look for them and self-destruct!"

As he spoke, he leaped into the air.

The twenty-odd fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artists agreed at once, rising into the air one by one. But after they did, they came falling down from mid-air once more. When they landed on the ground, they had already been reduced to splatters of minced meat.

That fifth-grade Supreme Martial Artist who had jumped into the air first suddenly exploded right above everyone, his body breaking apart into bits and pieces of flesh which covered the entire space above. They came pouring down as though it was raining…

Everyone's complexions, including Xiao Chenlei's, were ashen.

Everyone could almost hear even their own heartbeat.

Then, to Xiao Chenlei's shock, even those ten-odd sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists… also started to show the same poison symptoms…

For a moment there, he couldn't help but become heartbroken and horror-stricken!


Outside, Chu Yang and the others were observing the situation closely. All of a sudden, they heard a loud bellow. A whirlwind then shot out from the mine. Several people wrapped inside the whirlwind were scattered everywhere into the distance, as if a celestial maiden scattering flowers…

They were actually all dead bodies!

"The poison has taken effect!" Rui Butong's eyesight was the sharpest among them. He said, "There are easily more than 100 dead bodies here… Looks like their combat power has already been more or less worn down…"

Frowning, Mo Tianji said, "Stay calm! As long as they don't come out, we definitely can't go in."

Chu Yang took a deep breath and concurred. "Exactly. If we fight them face to face now… Every single one of them will definitely risk their lives to fight…"

With a wave, Mo Tianji instructed, "Hide yourselves first! Don't give them any target to attack!"

With a whoosh, everyone vanished without a trace.

They had only just disappeared when shouts of grief and fury, as well as sounds of explosions, were heard coming from the mine.


Inside the mine, Xiao Chenlei felt icy cold all over as he stared at the corpses of the sixth-grade Supreme Martial Artists on the ground!

To think this poison was actually this horrifying!

Beside him, only five seventh-grade Supreme Martial Artists and an eighth-grade Supreme Martial Artist remained!

Other than that, there was only a bedridden Ji Mo who couldn't move. No one knew whether he was alive or dead.

The seven of them activated all of their cultivation, energy running through every part of their bodies. In other words, this meant that other than Xiao Chenlei, the other six had also realized that there was a stream of fatal poison spreading rapidly in their bodies!

With no way of containing it!

At present, the only solution was to use a breath of innate origin energy meant to protect one's life during moments of life and death to hang in there for the time being. Even so, it could only slightly reduce the speed at which the poison took effect; it wasn't capable of forcing the poison out.

The seven of them looked at each other, a distressed look on their faces.


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