Versatile Mage
1577 Sacrificial Hell Hounds
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Versatile Mage
Author :Chaos
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1577 Sacrificial Hell Hounds

Translated by XephiZ

Edited by Aelryinth

"Really? Are some dogs really that strong?" Zhao Manyan wondered aloud.

"It was a Cerberus with three heads, each with a different Element. Its body was very strong, too. Mu Ningxue and I fought a Dreadful Curse Cerberus on Fanxue Mountain. Its Curse Element was insanely powerful. I almost died to its Dreadful Curse Glare," Mo Fan said, recalling the battle. 

If Mu Ningxue was not around, he would definitely have struggled against the Dreadful Curse Cerberus. It was one of the strongest Commander-level creatures he had encountered so far!

"Mo Fan, do the Cerberi have dark blue flames under their paws?" Mu Bai's voice came from the other side of the hall.

"How did you know? Have you seen one before? They are actually quite rare!" Mo Fan answered, astonished.

Mu Bai fell silent briefly before the hall was suddenly filled with cold air, followed by huge ice chains coming from Mu Bai's direction, intertwining in the air.

Mu Bai nimbly leapt between the ice chains. Mo Fan was wondering what Mu Bai was up to so suddenly when he saw three heads rising into the air and smashing through the ice chains. They were clearly trying to swallow Mu Bai! 

Dark brown bodies engulfed in flames, a demonic aura, with dark blue Hellflame under their paws. Mo Fan abruptly recognized the Hellish Cerberus! 

Mo Fan belatedly understood why Mu Bai knew what a Cerberus looked like. One was right in front of him! 

"Cerberus, it's a Hellish Cerberus!" Mo Fan yelled.

"There's one over here, too!" Meos yelled from behind Mo Fan.

Mo Fan was initially going to lend Mu Bai a hand, but he realized there was a Cerberus behind him, too! These Hellish Cerberi came out of nowhere when least expected. Their group had no choice but to run for their lives in the spacious hall!

"How many are there?" Mo Fan asked.

"At least a few! Let's split up for now!"

They were afraid of being surrounded and engaging the enemy in close combat. The first thing that came to their minds when being ambushed was to first run away. They could not afford to stay in the same spot before knowing how many Hellish Cerberuses there were. They would have no chance of escaping if they were trapped!

Luckily, the group was made up of elite Mages. Even if they did not have reliable spells to flee for their lives, they could still rely on their expensive magic Equipment! 

Mo Fan looked around him and saw dark blue flames everywhere. He had already seen at least four Hellish Cerberi in passing. The hall was simply too huge in scale. There were lots of stone caskets, statues, and pillars in addition to the huge altar at the center, allowing these Hellish Cerberi to hide from the group's view!.

"Old Wolf, go and help Mu Bai!" Mo Fan told the Flying Creek Snow Wolf.

Mu Bai was being chased by two Hellish Cerberi. Luckily, he had managed to react pretty quickly. A Great Commander-level creature like the Hellish Cerberus could kill a Mage in an instant! 

The Flying Creek Snow Wolf enjoyed fighting alongside Mu Bai because of his Ice Element. His Ice Domain could awaken the Flying power of the Flying Creek Snow Wolf's bloodline. Without it, the Flying Creek Snow Wolf was only as strong as a Hellish Cerberus. He might even struggle to take on a Hellish Cerberus alone! 

Mu Bai finally had a chance to use his magic when the Flying Creek Snow Wolf came to his aid. He turned around and cast an Advanced Ice Spell. An enormous Icebound Coffin descended from above and landed close to one of the Hellish Cerberi.

The Hellish Cerberus was indeed a Great Commander-level creature. The Icebound Coffin failed to land on it, and even the frost spreading rapidly across the ground only managed to slow it down slightly.

The dark blue Hellflame granted the Hellish Cerberus the ability to stride in the air. It sprinted and left a line of burning footsteps in the air as it nimbly dodged the frost of the Icebound Coffin.

The cunning creature returned after the Icebound Coffin's effects wore off. It could only air-walk for a short time. It dashed forward like a burning phantom as soon as it landed on the ground. Its three heads breathed out flames at Mu Bai from a close distance!

The hellish breath was like scorching lava. Even the defense of an Advanced Spell would struggle against it when three of the same breaths were unleashed at the same target! 

Mu Bai did not expect the Hellish Cerberus to be so strong. He quickly withdrew when he realized his Ice Shield was gone, trying to find another opportunity to cast his spell.

A figure engulfed in dark blue flames suddenly sprang out from the left when Mu Bai was running away. It was a Hellish Cerberus with a bulkier build. The cunning creature had been sitting in the corner for quite some time, waiting for Mu Bai to lower his guard.

"Silent Deadly Bolt!"

Black lightning rays punched right through a stone pillar and went right at the Hellish Cerberus that was trying to ambush Mu Bai.


The Hellish Cerberus went flying and slammed heavily onto the ground after the deadly blast.

Mu Bai was very close to the creature, less than five meters away. His ears were hurting from the deafening blast, but anything was better than being pounced on by the Hellish Cerberus. For a second, he thought he was going to die!

Mu Bai glanced in the direction that the deadly rays had come from. He saw Mo Fan standing on some high ground.

To Mu Bai's surprise, Mo Fan was actually fighting three Hellish Cerberuses on his own, yet still managed to keep an eye on him.

The guy was as insanely strong as usual!

"Mo Fan! Help me! I'm being chased around by so many dogs!" Zhao Manyan yelled. It was difficult to see where he was.

Mo Fan could not have cared less about Zhao Manyan. If the team was wiped out, Zhao Manyan was obviously going to be the last one to die. He had plenty of defensive spells and equipment to protect himself. He would be perfectly fine even if he remained motionless for three minutes!

Mo Fan was more worried about the others.

The Hellish Cerberi were Great Commander-level creatures, a lot stronger than the Underworld Warriors. It was already impressive if an Advanced Mage could take on a single Commander-level creature...

"Mu Bai, can you hold on for now?" Mo Fan called out.

"I'll try!" Mu Bai said.

He had confirmed there were only three Hellish Cerberi nearby. As long as the other Hellish Cerberuses did not target him, he would still stand a chance against the three Hellish Cerberuses with the Flying Creek Snow Wolf's help!

Mu Bai took a quick glance and noticed Mo Fan's Silent Deadly Bolt had blasted one of the heads of the biggest Hellish Cerberus apart. Its remaining two heads were both glaring at him!


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