Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband
869 Come Back Home...
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Young Brother-in-law Is Now My Husband
Author :mynovel20
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869 Come Back Home...

"Let me call him," Lu Lijun dialed Noah's number, but they heard it ringing right there as Noah forgot his cell phone. 

"This idiot." 

Jake picked up Noah's cellphone from the couch, and both left the place to search for Noah as they went in different directions in the pub. 

Lu Lijun couldn't find it, and when he went to see Jake, he asked, "Did you find him?"

"Hmm!" Nodding, Jake signaled Lu Lijun to look at the corridor side where Noah was busy with a girl as they indulged in a steamy kiss, forgetting about the gazed observing them.

Just then, Noah noticed them and excused himself from a girl as he asked her to wait and came to his friends, his hair messy and T-shirt looked unkempt as he held his jacket in one hand. 

"I'll be back later," instructing Noah left was about to leave, but Jake called him, "Wait," and Noah turned back. 

Jake put the cellphone in Noah's hand, which he left behind and left as Lu Lijun followed him. 

"He has changed," Jake commented. 

"He is not the only one," Lu Lijun countered.


Both waited for the cab outside of the bub as they didn't get the car provided by the hotel. Just as they sat inside the car, they saw Noah catching another cab with the same girl and left.

"We came here to enjoy together, but this guy went on alone," Jake looked upset.

"Who's fault is it?" Lu Lijun aksed.

"You will always take his side."

"Till now, I was on your side."


At the dawn, the door of the suite opened, and Noah entered. Just as he took a few steps inside, he saw someone resting on the couch. 

In the dim light, Noah could see who that was, and went to him, "Why is he sleeping here."

"Mind your own business," came the reply from the sleeping man as he picked up the remote and turned on the lights.

"If you come back, at least make sure to look like a human," Jake commented, looking at the messy state of his friend. 

"During certain activities, things seem to turn out like this," Noah replied. 

Ignoring his shameless reply, Jake instructed, "Get ready, we have to leave in a while."

"If you can see, I am tired after an exotic... I mean exhausting night. let me get some sleep,"

Jake had nothing to say as Noah stepped towards his room, mumbling, "Ohh god, that was damn tiring." 

Jake turned on the light and went back to his room. 


Traveling for a week, the three finally went back to London, and everyone went to their places. In the afternoon, when Lu Lijun reached home, he was surprised as someone was there to meet him. 

"Father!" Lu Lijun said as he saw his father sitting on the sofa in the living room.

Jerome came to him and picked up his bag while Lu Jinhai looked at his son as he smiled and got up from the couch, holding the cane.

After so many years, Lu Lijun saw his father. The last time Lu Lijun saw his father was when he left home and was in a wheelchair. Now his father looked fine, and he felt glad but seeing him suddenly worried him. 

"How was the trip, son? I hope you had fun." Lu Jinhai asked as he stepped towards Lu Lijun, who was still surprised and didn't know how to react. 

"It was good, father," Lu Lijun replied. 

Lu Jinhai observed his son as words of pride left his throat, "My handsome son. You look like your elder brother now."

Not reacting to it, Lu Lijun asked, "How come father is here?"

"Can't I come here to see my son?"

Lu Lijun continued to be silent, and just then, Martha came to them. 

"Fourth young master, get freshened up. The lunch is ready."

Lu Lijun left, and after some time, he came for lunch, where Lu Jinhai waited for him. Arranging everything, Martha and Jerome left, leaving the father-son alone. 

As they met after so long, Lu Lijun felt awkward and didn't know how to start a conversation while Lu Jinhai thought to speak. 

"Your grandmother is not doing well."

Lu Lijun stopped eating, "What happened?"

"She was admitted to the hospital," Lu Jinhai informed. 

"No one informed me. How is she?" Lu Lijun asked worriedly.

"For now, she is fine, but…." Lu Jinhai stopped.

"But what father," it scared Lu Lijun a bit. 

"She is too weak to be good so soon, and it would be difficult as the doctor said she is under depression."

Lu Lijun felt puzzled, hearing it, and Lu Jinhai continued. 

"She needs us all. We need to create a happy family atmosphere for her, like in the past. If we give her back what she lost, it might help her get better."


Lu Lijun understood where this conversation was heading. He was worried about his grandmother, but he thought his father used it as a trap for him. 

"I hope she gets better soon," Lu Lijun commented calmly. 

Seeing his son didn't take it seriously, Lu Jinhai spoke, "Don't think I am using it as an excuse to get you back home. This time, I am here for my mother and your grandmother, who needs us all."

"Hmm!" Lu Lijun didn't react much, and Lu Jinhai kept quiet, seeing no effect on his son.

After lunch, Lu Jinhai received a call from elder Lu as he wished to talk to Lu Lijun. Besides his grandfather, Lu Lijun spoke to his grandmother, who rested in the bed leaning at the headboard. 

Lu Lijun noticed that his grandmother looked so weak and talked calmly in a low voice, which worried him. 

"Are you not taking care of yourself, grandma?" Lu Lijun asked. 

She smiled, "I am fine. Don't worry about me."

They chatted for a while, and Lu Lijun felt worried for her, and he could see his father was telling the truth.

Before sleeping, Lu Jinhai went to Lu Lijun's room, where Lu Lijun was standing in the gallery, looking at the dark sky as he looked like thinking about something.

As Lu Jinhai stood beside him, Lu Lijun asked, "Grandma looked in bad condition."

"Hmm, and it might get worse," Lu Jinhai replied. 

Some time passed by silently as Lu Jinhai spoke again, looking at the sky ahead.

"Lu Lijun."

"Yes, father."

"I am sorry."

"There is no need, father."

Lu Jinhai continued apologetically, "I know you are angry with me and must hate me a lot, and I won't blame you for it. I know I was a bad father to send you here alone."

"I don't blame you, father. In the end, that was my decision to come here when you said I could stay," Lu Lijun countered. 

"Come back home," said Lu Jinhai, and before Lu Lijun could say no, he spoke again, "Just like you, everyone was hurt, and we all got the punishment on our part, but now it's time to be together. I want our family to be like before."

"Father, for that, you don't need me."

"You are the most important part, son. I feel bad for my mother and want to give her what she wishes for. These might be her last days, and don't want to lose her." Lu Jinhai's eyes turned moist, and his voice shook.

Lu Lijun could sense it but didn't look at his father. 

"I will leave in the morning. Think about it. Come back at least to see your grandma. She might feel better." Patting Lu Lijun's shoulder, Lu Jinhai wished him good night and left.


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