Zombie Sister Strategy
1352 Her Mind Fights Back
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Zombie Sister Strategy
Author :A Wisp of Netherworld Inferno
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1352 Her Mind Fights Back

The gigantic monster fixed its eyes in one direction in the air and suddenly lashed its tail, causing a deep, muffled swish. Next, its enormous body disappeared and reappeared above the woods near the barren area's edge in the next second. Its colossal body blocked the light and dimmed the area.

The level-nine monster lowered its head and looked around before abruptly opening its mouth. A bright light shone out of its mouth and poured on an area tens of meters around it. A few seconds later, a series of cracking noises could be heard as all the plants in that area withered instantly. The dead branches fell on the ground and crumbled apart, turning into earth.

As all the plants died, the ground suddenly sank along with a series of booms.

"Roar…" A raging roar was heard from underground, following which, a level-eight beast rushed out from the woods nearby. The beast didn't fight the level-nine monster but turned and ran. However, a paw descended from the air and pressed it firmly down on the ground once it moved its feet.

"Roar…" The level-eight beast, which had horns all over its body, only had the time to raise its head and let out a hopeless scream before the monster made its bite.

Puff! The level-nine monster was larger than the level-eight one by three or four times. Its head was, of course, larger than the head of the level-eight one as well. As the monster made the first bite, the level-eight beast's head was almost ripped off.

The beast's blood splashed everywhere, landing on the surrounding plants and quickly melting them.

The level-nine monster started chewing with a great appetite. It soon swallowed the part in its mouth and then lowered its head to bite off the rest of the level-eight beast's head. After finishing the head, it lifted the beast's body with its paws, put the neck into its mouth, and started to suck.

Lin Qiao was right: a tens of meters long level-eight beast wasn't enough to fill up its stomach.

The lizard-like level-eight beast which had horns all over its body was soon drained of blood. After that, the monster started gulping the beast's body.

Lin Qiao, who had been wanting to watch the level-nine monster feed, missed what she wanted to see. In fact, she felt at the moment as if she were trapped in somewhere dark, not standing but lying. However, she felt nothing supporting her body, as though she was floating in the air.

She struggled to move her limbs, but as nothing was supporting her body, she found it hard to control her body.

She had a feeling that she must stand up as soon as possible, or she might regret it. So, she started to try to turn over. But at that very moment, something invisible gushed out of the darkness, wrapped her up, and pulled her downward.

At that moment, her physical body, which also belonged to Lu Tianyu was standing before the house, twitching her ten fingers with her back hunched and keens bent. Her long hair were hanging messily around her shoulders.

When Lin Qiao started struggling in the darkness, Lu Tianyu suddenly buried her head in her arms and let out deep, hoarse roars.

"Hrrr… Hrrr…"

The harder Lin Qiao struggled in the darkness, the louder Lu Tianyu screamed.

"Roar… oar… er…"

At that point, Lu Tianyu looked exactly like a zombie that had just broken into level-two. She instinctively held its head and roared, automatically squatting with her head between her arms all the time.

When she squatted, her vibe became disordered again.

By that time, Lin Qiao had already figured out what was happening in the darkness. The force that was pulling her downward should be Lu Tianyu the zombie's will power. That force wasn't very strong, so Lin Qiao focused her mind once again and tried to stand up.

She found that as long as she focused her mind, her movements would become easier.

She tried her best and managed to stand up slowly. Then, she found the darkness before her eyes fade slowly. Next, she shuddered and regained her sight, seeing the things before her eyes.

She dropped her arms that were holding her head and lowered her head to look at her nails. With a thought, she made those sharp nails disappear.

She sighed with relief before raising a hand to put her hair, which had her face covered, behind her head. After that, she looked around and found that she was still in her space.

The zombies who were frozen near her instantly relaxed. With lingering fear, they stared at Lin Qiao and each made a few steps backward.

Lin Qiao glanced at them but didn't say anything as she she narrowed her eyes to look outside.

When she was in the space, her vision of the outside would be limited. So, what she saw at the moment was still the barren area where she entered her space from. She had to go outside to find out what was happening there.

With that thought, she opened her eyes. The darkness in her eyes was fading slowly, and the black marks near her eye corners were gone. She breathed a few times deeply to stabilize her disordered energy and flashed out of her space.

She detected the immense vibe the moment she exited her space. The level-nine monster's vibe was so strong that it could even be sensed from any corner of the underground world.

Lin Qiao immediately rushed at the level-nine monster. As she got closer and closer, she sensed a level-eight vibe mixing together with that of the level-nine one, also sensing a strong scent of blood.

The monster was feeding! She wondered how many beasts it had eaten. She had sensed only one extra vibe form it so far, so she figured that the banquet had just started.

The closer she came to the monster, the greater pressure she felt. Suddenly, the monster started moving from one spot to another within a blink.

Lin Qiao gave a start. Instead of following the monster, she went to where it had its appetizer. She found a large hole on the ground and some bones and body pieces of the dead beast. The fresh blood scent told her that the beast was eaten just now.

She thought the monster would bring the prey back to its nest and eat them there. How come it ate the entire beast right on the spot?


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